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Sends A Summer K.I.S.S. To Your Hair

Summer warmth can bring out a bit of laziness in us all, but Bonne Vie stylists recommend you maintain your summer hair-care vigil consistently. With a little T.L.C., you can usher in fall fashion without fried, brassy, brittle locks. Let’s try the Bonne Vie K.I.S.S. plan for summer hair-care, which, as its name implies, is simple! You can “Keep it simple, sweetie,” with these summer precautions:

1. “K” is for the K in “Keep,” as in keep your hair protected from the sun. Get it straight: the sun is not your hair’s friend. According to the hair experts at the health magazine Prevention, “heat from the sun can actually degrade the protein in your hair.” After that happens, forget about your shiny, natural gloss. Your simplest protection is a no-brainer: A hat. A wide brim hat will not only protect your precious hair, but shade your face from harmful rays.
Likewise, we recommend some protective beach hairsprays. We have also warned, you should always wet down your locks with regular water before you enter salt water or chlorinated water.

2. “I” is for “Intimidate” the Frizz! Nowhere do we hear more about frizz than in steamy Orlando, Florida. Bonne Vie Salon is the anti-frizz champion of Winter Park. Experts tell us that frizz happens when the heat of the sun “roughens cuticles, enabling water molecules in humid air to penetrate the hair shaft, causing it to swell.”
There are a multitude of hair products available for fighting frizz. Currently, the most popular are the new silicone spritzers, light serums or smoothers. (Bonne Vie stylists can inform you about the best anti-frizz precautions for your hair type.)

Your summer styles can help control the frizzies also. Wearing a topknot, bun, or braid can protect some of the hair. Avoid those elastic bands or metal ornaments that can add breakage. Opt for softies like scrunchies for your poolside ponytail.
3. “S” is for “Shampoo,” of course. Experts disagree about this. Some point at how quickly the summer charges up the sebaceous glands to make more oil, and how perspiration adds to the problem of dirty hair. So they recommend frequent shampooing.

Other experts stress that this is a time when you should cut down on your shampoo rituals, and be gentle with your hair. “Shampoo less often to allow tresses to absorb natural oils. Or switch to more gentle cleansing methods which won’t dry out sun exposed strands. Opt for Conditioner Only (CO) or Diluted Shampoo (DS) washes.” We believe both sets of experts are correct: it’s not just doing the shampooing that is important, it’s making the choice of a gentle shampoo for frequent use. (Keep reading, and we will recommend our favorite professional brands!)

4. “S” is for “Swimming,” which we know our Florida bathing beauties adore. Honestly, we doubt we can get you to wear a cap, but you know you could keep that canvas hat on your hair except when you are mid-stroke. Leave-in hair conditioners. This will help protect you from chlorine, and should be reapplied, like your sunscreen, liberally, and often! Chlorine buildup is actually a scientific fact.

This chemical (chlorine) can leave a green film on your hair, blonde or brunette. So, make sure you have a good shampoo after your swim. If you are an avid swimmer, we invite you to take a look at the ultimate sun and water exposure products offered by Davines at Bonne Vie Salon. With a consultation from one of our stylists you might discover these products are the keys to loving your hair as much as you love your swimming.

If you do get the dreaded green gunge and moss-colored hair, we suggest you flee to the professionals at Bonne Vie Salon. Do not play mad scientist with assorted u-tube home cures that can cause more damage to your hair.

At Bonne Vie Salon, we are fortunate to supply our clients with the best and most recent scientifically devised hair care products. Here at Bonne Vie, we suggest you consult with your stylist because your choices in hair care products should be professionally matched to your texture, color and style.

Your hair might be suited to Davines, or Oribe products or the equally wonderful, Moroccanoil products. Only your trusted consultant has been trained to know what “prescriptions” to give you for your hair’s beauty and health.

Once you know her recommendations, then commit yourself to sticking with your selected, healthy ritual. Also, avoid the hype that comes with every drugstore hair product promotional. Oribe, Moroccanoil, and Davines offer an incredible range of products which can be prescribed, along with our K.I.S.S. system, to “tender loving care,” for your summer tresses. We are delighted to say that you can obtain both professional style and professional prescriptions for your hair care from your trusted stylist at Bonne Vie Salon in warm, wonderful, Winter Park, Florida.

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