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Labor Day used to have a profound significance to fashion-wise women. It was the last day to enjoy the white clothes of summer, especially the white shoes. To our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers, labor day meant seriously changing the wardrobe and trading the pastels of summer for the jewel tones of Fall. Today’s woman pays very little attention to the old wives’ tales of fashion, and the custom of  “avoiding-white after-Labor-Day-white” has all but disappeared.

Hair Or Shoes:  It’s Not Grandma’s Labor Day Style!

Nevertheless, the Labor Day Weekend does mark an ending to the official days of summer. We suggest that instead of retiring white clothes, you celebrate the arrival of the remarkable new season of Fall, with a different kind of fashion statement:  How about a new Autumn look for your hair with one of our amazing Hot Scissors Cuts? You do not have to be drastic or go avant guard. In fact we love the classic, timeless looks as much as the new trends.

Hair gets a new Look with a cut at Bonne Vie Hair Salon!

Bonne Vie Salon Helps You Find Your New Fall Hair Look!

To read about our hot shears, and all their advantages, just click here at one of our previous articles. Far from a fad, this is a technique that is here to stay. Likewise, Vogue magazine recently published  an online article about hair cuts that might help you find a new cut that is your perfect end-of-summer, beginning of Fall, distinctive Look! At Bonne Vie Salon, we never underestimate the fashion influence of a new cut:  “It can be really freeing and empowering,” Supermodel Kloss said after having 6 inches cropped. She added “It’s an immediate, simple thing that completely changes your features and your look.” A new cut can do more than mark a new season; it can even transform a career.” When the French hairstylist Julien d’Ys snipped Linda Evangelista’s long waves into a boyish, piece-y style in 1989, he turned her into a household name—and set off something of a chain reaction.”

Hair defines New Fall Season From Bonne Vie Salon

At Bonne Vie Salon, Autumn Brings Color To Your Hair!

Our expert stylists could also help you close summer with just a few highlights of gold or a soft shade of your own natural color, around your face. Long after Labor Day, as Fall sets in, you’ll still be wearing a touch of summer sunshine! Of course we know Fall brings new colors to leaves and folliage, but at Bonne Vie Salon in Winterpark Florida, we have found it can also bring new color to our clients’ Fall hair looks. Every magazine is bursting with new ideas to help you transcend from Summer to Fall. We have noticed they all feature one important point about hair: Long or short, Fall styles call for glossy, healthy hair, and that means good conditioning as well as a good cut. Please read about our premiere products at this special page on our website. You won’t believe how silky your hair can feel when our experienced stylists teach you how to use these beautiful treatments on a regular basis.

Her Hair is perfect, and she is the designated driver!

Labor Day Love:  Wishes For You and Your Safety From Bonne Vie Salon!

The stylists and staff of Bonne Vie Salon in Winter Park, Florida wish you a fabulous Labor Day Week-end! We know you might be planning margaritas, mojitos or martinis to help you celebrate, but if you do, please don’t mix your alcohol with gasoline–that is do not drink and drive. We all know the rate of number of accidents involving drunk drivers goes up over most holidays, and we know Labor Day is a holiday that features fun parties and alcohol consumption. We want you to have fun, but designate a driver! The highway patrol will be out in force in Florida, with check points and a “no tolerance policy.” Stay healthy and beautiful by observing the rules: Watch the speed limits. Drive sober or get pulled over!

Bonne Vie’s Rules For A Good Time Labor Day

Hair just wants to have fun this Labor Day! Stylish!

When you go out for a good time, make sure your hair is gorgeous, but also, designate a driver. Buckle those beauty-saving seat belts! Bonne Vie does not mean to be grim, but the statistics are difficult to ignore: “The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that alcohol is a factor in nearly 40 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in Florida.” It is sad to admit that “of the 2,563 traffic accident deaths in Florida in 2009 — a total of 1,004 people had been drinking prior to their fatal accident. ” Bonne Vie Salon, in beautiful Winter Park, Florida, hopes all of our friends, clients and family safely and happily enjoy this three day summer holiday.

We want you to come back to work Tuesday, refreshed and rejuvenated for the challenges and adventures of Fall.

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