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Hair Loss

How Bonnie Vie Salon Creates Better Hair Loss Products, Services and Solutions

Various Causes of Hair Loss for Women and Men

Alopecia, or hair loss, can occur in anyone and is a popular problem, especially for men and women. A wide range of causes such as pregnancy, major surgery, weight loss, stress, genes, diseases, or major lifestyle changes can result in hair loss. Whatever the reason may be, the loss of hair can be an emotional battle resulting in confidence and self-esteem issues. The caring and experienced staff at Bonnie Vie salon understands the need to feel good about yourself and your hair. We offer a wide variety of options to reduce hair loss or cover it.

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For Women, we offer micro-point solutions, hairpieces, and wigs. All of these options are non-surgical hair restoration and noninvasive. Micro-point solutions weigh less than traditional hair extensions and feels like your own natural hair. They are attached without any chemicals or adhesive. Stylists carefully knot each extension by hand and can increase the density of your hair by 400% in one sitting.

Bonnie Vie Salon’s women’s hairpieces come in many different colors and textures. We offer front, partial top, and full coverage hairpieces. Each piece is carefully tailored to your needs and we offer the option to adhere them both temporarily and permanently. This is a great option for someone with isolated balding to cover without the use of hair extensions or wigs.

Natural Looking, Beautiful Human Hair Wigs that You can Style Available in Orlando

Our wigs for women are specifically crafted to appear as if it is growing from your scalp. They come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and synthetic or real human hair. You can swim, shower, sleep, and feel like you have your hair back with our durable wigs. After we help you find the right wig, we will work with you to style and cut it just the way you want it. Stylists will give you one hundred percent attention to detail and provide you with the care and service you deserve.

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Men Suffering from Hair Loss now have Better Tailored Hair Loss Solutions in Orlando

Men are affected by hair loss in the same ways as women. By age thirty-five, two thirds of American men will have noticeable hair loss and by age fifty it raises to nearly eighty five percent. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures in men’s hairpieces. They are custom tailored by our stylists to match your personality and needs. Our astute attention to detail goes into fitting, sizing, and styling each piece to its wearer. We offer front, partial top, and full coverage hairpieces that can be adhered permanently or temporarily.

Regain The Sense of Identity You Felt was Lost with Bonne Vie Salon Hair Loss Recovery and Solutions!

Hair is not just for aesthetic purposes. Losing your hair is losing a part of yourself, which can be devastating. No one should have to feel uncomfortable because of hair loss. At Bonnie Vie Salon, we want everyone to feel as beautiful and handsome as we already know they are. The expertly trained staff will take extra care and time to take these worries away. If you live in the Orlando, Florida area be sure to contact us and find out how we can bring back your full head of hair!

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