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Cancer Recovery Salon

After experiencing one of our clients being diagnosed with cancer, we knew it was our duty as salon professionals to help those suffering from medical induced hair loss.

Bonne Vie Cancer Recovery Salon

At Bonne Vie Cancer Recovery Salon, located in Orlando, FL, specialists are ready to help anyone suffering from medical treatment-related hair loss. Our dedicated staff has been trained to work with cancer patients to help make a smooth transition into their hair loss recovery.

Whether you are in the process of losing your hair due to medical treatment-related hair loss or are finally beginning to grow your hair back, we understand the hair’s natural changes. We are committed to doing our small part in the big job of helping you recover with confidence. It’s terrifying for any woman to be diagnosed with cancer. For cancer patients, a list of to-do’s and not to do’s will guide your days, but one thing we don’t want you to worry about is treatment-related hair loss. Your hair is special to you. It has been with you during the best of times and the worst of times. Many of us have a sincere attachment to our hair and the way it makes us feel.

No one understands that more than the staff at Bonne Vie Cancer Recovery Salon in Winter Park, FL. For some women, losing their hair can be more devastating then cancer itself, but not anymore. Providing our clients in Orlando, FL, with Organic Color Systems, specialty wigs, and cancer-safe cosmetics is something we find rewarding and helpful to our community.

Wigs, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Makeup for Those Affected by Cancer

As the best Cancer Salon serving the Orlando area, we provide assistance with the insurance billing procedure so you can relax and pick out a wig you love! We have the artistic eye to not only find wigs that will look as natural as possible, but we also know hair and cosmetics like the back of our hands. After visiting the Bonne Vie Cancer Recovery Salon in Orlando, FL, you will walk out into the world with confidence; it’s our promise.

Organic Hair Color, Hair Pieces, and Wigs for Hair Loss

There are many side issues that come along with medical treatment related hair loss. Cancer patients may experience very tender, sensitive scalps. We want you to live your daily life without anyone noticing a thing! With our Organic color system and custom wigs and hairpieces in Winter Park, FL, no matter what stage you’re in, you’ll always look like you.

Gentle, Cancer Safe Makeup and Skincare

Cancer patients also need to be very aware of any beauty products they use on their body. That is why we have the best selection of cancer-safe cosmetics in the Orlando area. Our products are safe for anyone with sensitive skin and a low immune system.

We’re here to be your friend through this difficult time. We have the products, the staff, and the genuine desire to get you through this. With the Bonne Vie Cancer Recovery Salon, you are more than just another client, your cancer recovery is important to us. We are here rooting you on for a beautiful recovery.

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: March 29, 2018

Cancer Recovery Salon