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Air Touch Balayage

AirTouch Balayage

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AirTouch is a very gentle coloring technique and has greatly gained popularity.
This technique has gained momentum not only as a result of a woman’s desire to look beautiful but also to achieve a look that is as natural-looking as possible.

It is unique because AirTouch employs the use of air as opposed to the more typical teasing or back-combing method in order to create a continuous, unified blend of color.
AirTouch makes this look easily attainable for a multiplicity of women with a wide-ranging array of hair types, provided only that the hair is long enough to work with.

Unlike the coloring techniques of the past – where every hair was dyed – AirTouch is less invasive and concentrates on individual strands of hair. AirTouch combines elements of time-honored techniques along with aspects of a profoundly new method, dividing the hair into single strands and only blowing out and dying select strands of hair, effectively only coloring approximately 30-50% of the initial volume.

air touch hair color

The AirTouch technique works using a blowdryer to disperse shorter hairs, leaving the longer hairs to be left to be placed into a foil to be hand-painted, thus creating a stunning dimension. The colorist focuses on a section of hair and applies tension to the longest hairs, utilizing a blow dryer to disperse shorter hair and internal layers out of the way, allowing a lightening agent to the remaining hair.

The ultimate result is a stunningly cohesive blend of coloring with a completely natural look that is combined with a soft dimension that will last throughout the growth period.

Traditionally, hair retouches required sections of hair to be re-weaved using a tail comb to ensure consistency of color and not give the appearance of a client getting too blond or having overlapping color.
With AirTouch, provided the colorist utilizes a consistent technique, applying tension to longer hairs and displacing shorter hairs and internal layers with a blow dryer, only new growth requires lightening – voila!

Air Touch $350-800 (depends on hair length and density)

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: September 29, 2021

Air Touch Balayage