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Hand Tied Extensions

Get your hair cut in whichever style you want and then capitalize on the hand-tied extensions to increase its length and change the overall appeal to complement your conflicting moods and needs.

    Hand Tied Extensions

    Where to get your hand-tied extensions?
    For all you fashionistas out there we know how excruciating it can get when trying to decide if you should let your hair grow or cut it short. We say, why not try both? Meaning, you can get your hair cut in whichever style you want and then capitalize on the hand-tied extensions to increase its length and change the overall appeal to complement your conflicting moods and needs.


    Hand-tied extensions have been creating a lot of rave in the fashion world and for all the right reasons. Apart from enhancing the look and volume of your hair, they can effortlessly blend with our natural locks without causing any damage whatsoever.
    Before we move on to anything else, we will delineate a few attributes that distinguish the hand-tied extensions from their counterparts.

    The artificial hair is essentially sewn around the thread strand by strand so that the end product is a lot thinner than usual and is extremely flexible when stuck on to the head. Quite unlike other extensions that require heat, glue or tape to be at their place, hand-tied extensions are strictly restricted to sewing, therefore, preserving the veracity and quality of your hair.

    While flipping through the pages of a magazine, we are certain that the thought of getting your hair transformed hits your mind once in a while and that is why we are here to help you find a solution. Not all of us are as lucky as the others to effortlessly grow the type of hair that we ideally desire or are confident to don the style that we have our hearts set on. But, there’s no harm in experimenting, right? View more ideas

    And why not when you can resort to a recourse that guarantees you zero damage and pain. At Bonne Vie Salon, you can opt from a wide array of hair-tied extensions and confirm your choice only when you are fully satisfied with it.

    The best part about relying on Bonne Vie to take care of all your extension needs lies in the fact that they will only provide the best services serves and the best quality hair without any speck of adulteration whatsoever and hence, can be colored, dyed or curled whenever you please.

    Furthermore, as far as your hair is concerned, we know you prefer being spoiled for choices and that is exactly what the salon is most advantageous at.

    You are free to sport any color with the hand-tied extensions and let the latter speak on your behalf when you make your way through the crowd. For instance, if people have always identified you as this calm and unruffled girl who can strike a compromise at every point in her life, then go bold with blue, green or pink color that will resonate with your individuality and make a statement of your firmness amidst the contradicting voices. Apart from that, you can also get the extensions custom colored; let our team of professionals assist and help you decide the color that would naturally balance the appearance of your hair and work with highlights if required.

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: February 4, 2020

Hand Tied Extensions