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Michael Barber

    Michael – Barber

    barber winter parkName: Michael

    Occupation: Barber


    I started in this profession in 2004 and have the experience of over 18 years. I loved this profession right away, and many clients enjoy my services. A lot of them are my friends now. I feel truly comfortable due to the team and the atmosphere. We teach each other daily, and share experiences, and everyone makes a positive input towards our growth. This profession is a place where I can share my values and where I can be myself.

    Right now, I am mostly interested in working with scissors. It is a “live” instrument that can show well how precise the master is, and his attention to detail. I always thoroughly look at my work from the side. Everything must be as ideal as possible.

    Freedom, for me, is art. The ability to self-express and do what I love, develop in this industry, and have satisfaction from it.
    By doing what I love, I feel truly free.

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Author: Emil Aghayev |  Date Updated: December 19, 2022

Michael Barber