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Air Purification System

Keratin is a type of protein high in the amino acid 'Cystine' that straightens, conditions, and repairs even the most damaged hair. This special amino acid is what makes hair super tough and extremely elastic.

Chemical FREE Breathing Zone, because Beauty and Health Begin with Clean Air Bonne Vie Hair Salon- Orlando, FLAerovex Systems and Healthy Air™ technologies have created the most powerful and advanced Chemical Source Capture System specifically designed for the fume extraction in salons.

Air Purification System

Healthy Air technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments and other hair chemical services. Aerovex System’s source-capture technology removes potentially harmful chemicals before they have a chance to mix with the air.

The equipment hangs right over the head and absorbs the chemical vapors and fumes to protect the stylist’s breathing zone. This advanced eHEPA technology captures submicron airborne particles as well as microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, with efficiencies exceeding standard HEPA grade filters.

No other salon cares about clean air like Bonne Vie!

To prove just how committed we are in providing the safest environment for everyone, we have gone above and beyond any other salon by adding 2 indoor medical-grade air cleaners. These portable purifiers are positioned to capture and clean air at the source. Each unit has 24 pounds of custom blended carbon, designed to ABSORB and REMOVE salon chemicals from the air (including benzene & formaldehyde). Each unit contains a HEPA filter, anti-microbial filter and a dust filter.While there are many other units that claim to use carbon filtration, NO other portable filter contains as much effective carbon as ours! Our unit was designed by a company that manufactures multi-thousand dollar purifier’s for chemical processing plants, plastic factories, hospitals, and other industrial environments. This was a costly investment that will not be found in any other salon in Orlando.

In addition to a medical-grade air cleaner, we have added fresh air intakes to both of our salon locations. Our air conditioning systems circulate 100% of the air, within the styling areas, during regular business hours. To achieve maximum comfort for our clients, we limit the amount of daily treatments we provide.

At Bonne Vie of Orlando, Healthy Air is not a privilege, it is a right!

At Bonne Vie Hair Salon, we want your experience to be an extraordinary one. We never want our clients or staff consumed by fumes that chemical processing and keratin treatments release.

One of the biggest challenges facing the professional beauty industry is the lack of ventilation, but NOT at Bonne Vie Hair Salon. We understand that there is a huge difference between ventilation and circulation. Our Healthy Air practices prove just how committed we are in providing the absolute best for our clients and staff. Our Healthy Air is just another reason that Bonne Vie Salon is rated the Best Hair Salon in Orlando, FL.

Every service provider at Bonne Vie salon works on a level system.
This level system completes two main goals.

The first is to provide career growth and achievement for the Bonne Vie’s team.
The second is to provide several options for your various service needs.
Service providers get level promotions based on the demand for their time.
Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs & their budget.
The training of our team is consistent, innovative, and in-depth.
It starts from the moment a service provider is hired & continues through the entire career with Bonne Vie.

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Author: Emil Aghayev |  Date Updated: January 31, 2017

Air Purification System