2024 Winter Park Hair Salon New Trends

2024 Winter Park Hair Salon New Trends at Bonne Vie: The Best Hair Salon Winter Park, FL 

From vivid colors to breezy lobs, Winter Park salons stay on top of the latest hair trends. As styles evolve heading into 2024, expect to see dimensional color, textured styling, natural-looking highlights, seamless extensions, and more looks courtesy of top stylists in a hair salon in Winter Park, Orlando, FL, area for your hair care. Winter Park hair salons stay ahead of the latest cuts, colors, treatments, and styles. Read on for an inside look at the most popular hair trends predicted among Winter Park stylists for 2024. 

As one of Orlando’s most prestigious areas, Winter Park residents value investing in self-care from top-rated salons. This means continually updating looks to align with shifting styles each new year. From lived-in color techniques like bronde and balayage to breezy textured lobs and bombshell curls, Winter Park salons deliver the area’s most coveted cuts, colors, and styles by the industry’s best stylists and colorists. 

Lived-In Dimensional Hair Color Trends

Clients now request lived-in hair utilizing dimensional techniques like balayage more than ever before. These freehand painting methods sweep lighter and darker tones throughout for depth that appears to grow out naturally. The salon’s colorists frequently incorporate buttery baby lights around the face while subtly darkening mid-length strands and ends for contrast. This multi-tonal lived-in color flatters all complexions.

The color should build upon your natural pigment for seamless growth. Babylights around the hairline also softly frame the face. New vibrant hues like spicy red with subtle copper baby lights or double-process blonding with shadowy root scaling modernize color applications. Expect painted lived-in coloring – whether balayage, bronde, haylage, or baby lights – to continue rising in popularity throughout Winter Park salons in 2024.

Breezy Textured Lobs Still Strong As 2024 Approaches

Textured lobs, otherwise known as layered long bobs, first gained traction in 2021 but show no signs of fading per Winter Park stylists. The dimensional cut with stacked layers in the back and angled face-framing pieces in front easily enables air-dried texture. The breezy chin or shoulder-grazing lengths also work well, growing out longer or chopping shorter.

Textured lobs perfectly pair with the lived-in dimensional hair colors to maximize movement. Stylists enhance the seamless feel by point-cutting pieces throughout, employing notch layering razors. This sharpens ends for added dimension as hair sweeps from the collarbone to the shoulders. Expect to still see textured lobs dominating salons in 2024 as easy-manage cuts offering versatile styling.

Major Comeback of Bombshell Bouncy Curls

While stick-straight locks also remain popular, salon owners actually predict a huge comeback of glamorous curls in 2024. But these aren’t the ringlets of the 80s – rather bombshell spirals with defined texture. Alternating curl sizes combined with volume at the roots deliver eye-catching results.

It starts with a dimensional cut, leaving lengths long enough for wide curl formation. Stylists then customize techniques from pin curls to triple barrel wands to flexi rod sets depending on the client’s hair properties. Beach waves focus on mid-shaft volume, while tighter curls begin closer to roots for lift. Assess hair quality and density to determine ideal curl longevity services, too, like keratin smoothing versus light holds. Prepare for the return of head-turning bouncy curls in Winter Park for 2024.

Cutting-Edge Coloring Formulas Depositing Vibrant Non-Damaging Tones

Alongside the painted lived-in hues climbing in popularity are breakthrough coloring agents like REDKEN Shades EQ depositing gloss treatments. These transformative glazes shift foundation colors to darker, lighter, or more vibrant without damage from heavy lifting or irritation associated with old lighteners.

Shades EQ Gloss equals Winter Park salons’ most sought-after service for dramatically altering tone without dryness, thanks to nourishing oils infused during application. Clients see best results pairing glossing with dimensional cutting techniques like textured lobs. The styles beautifully interplay to refresh looks completely. Expect salons to focus on damage-free vivids and pastels applied through such revolutionary coloring formulas permeating the industry.

Table 1: Most Popular Hair Services Requested for 2024

Service Description
Balayage Hand-painted lived-in highlights in ribbons weaving multi-tonal depth
Babylights Fine delicate highlights around the face softly framing features.
Bombshell Bouncy Curls Voluminous defined curls in varied sizes for attention-grabbing hair
Textured Lobs Layered shoulder to chin-length cuts allowing natural texture
Shades EQ Gloss Vibrant transformative hues are applied gently sans lift or damage.

 The array of cuts, colors, and styling options remain endless. But these five trends, the top Winter Park stylists’ predictions, are rising most in popularity through 2024 salon appointments.

Embrace Low-Maintenance Styles Allowing Air Drying

While special occasion updos are still requested regularly, clients increasingly opt for effortless wearability from cuts, colors, and styling, better supporting low daily upkeep. The textured lobs require a little extra work beyond air-drying waves overnight. Undone curls also simply refresh in the mornings with salt sprays versus full heat re-styling.

Lived-in color techniques like baby lights and balayage intentionally grow out seamlessly by design, eliminating harsh grow-out lines. Stylists focus on longevity across services when conceiving 2024’s most popular looks. Clients want routines allowing blowouts every other day rather than high-maintenance daily redoing. Quick touch-ups replace hours in salon chairs.

Why Winter Park Residents Choose Balayage Over Foil Highlights

Cons of Traditional Foil Highlights  2024 Winter Park Hair Salon New Trends

  • Harsh grow-out line as contrast fades
  • Visible scalp regrowth needing frequent touch-ups
  • Hundreds of foils placed in sheets create skin irritation.
  • Applying solutions fully saturates all strands, often drying hair.

Pros of Balayage Painted Dimensions

  • Seamlessly blends new growth by design.
  • The lightener is hand-painted only on sections to avoid irritation.
  • Adds texture and movement, growing out naturally
  • Requires fewer maintenance visits as color gently fades

These factors explain the rising balayage obsession over old foiling methods. While still utilized for precision placements sometimes, freehand painting better achieves modern lived-in aesthetics.

The Rise of Dimensional Hair Color for Added Depth and Interest

Dimension adds deeper color variation, resulting in a more lived-in, natural look than traditional highlighting. Babylights to face-framing bronde add sun-kissed radiance suiting casual Central Florida lifestyles. The seamless blend of multiple complementary hues imparts movement and sheen. 2024 sees bolder mixes of reds, coppers, chocolate, and caramel for added drama.

Many clients now request multidimensional colors with fine highlights and lowlights. By artfully placing contrasting tones, colorists sculpt flattering looks, accentuating cuts and face shapes for the utmost vibrancy. The varied depths and textures better disguise new growth and regrowth needing less upkeep between salon visits. Yet the ammonia-free formulas ensure hair remains healthy and shiny.

Textured Bobs and Lobs Give Breezy Volume

Textured lobs retaining slightly longer face-framing layers maintain dimension while allowing natural movement. The breezy cut requires minimal styling for busy morning routines beyond quick blow-drys or air drying. Yet the lightweight layering injects the body and bounces while softening facial features. The angled finishing also enables easy tucking behind ears or elegantly sweeping across brows for versatile styling.

For added polish, ask stylists to incorporate subtle undercutting and razor work, removing bulk beneath the part line and along the nape. This imparts sought-after, piecey texture while sharpening the perimeter lines. The textured lobs carry from day-to-night settings easily with quick touch-ups. Treat hair with conditioning masks to retain health despite frequent heat tools.

Seamless Keratin Tip Hair Extensions for Length, Volume

For special events, seamless keratin bonds add temporary length or thickness sans damage. Precision application bonds ultrathin, keratin-laminated strands to natural hair near the ends for a seamless look. Compared to tapes or weaves, these remain comfy while posing smoothly for styling versatility, from bombshell curls to updos. Customizable colors and textures ensure perfect matches, avoiding obvious multi-toning.

During regular cuts, stylists remove any bonds nearing the ends to keep extensions in optimal condition until they are ready to remove fully. Proper at-home care maintains both natural hair and added keratin strands through conditioning, protective styling, and regular trims, avoiding ratty split ends. Well-maintained extensions withstand heat tools for special events and hold and bounce all season.

Babylight Frame Faces Soothingly While Boosting Radiance

Nothing rejuvenates complexions like brightening around the face. To gently pronounce or soften facial features, precision baby lighting amps glow while blending any grays for uniformity. The micro-fine strands painted around the forehead, eyes, cheekbones, and jawline boost luminosity. Yet the subtle placement prevents jarring grow-out lines later.

Customized artistry analysis incorporates skin undertones to select the ideal hue pairing, whether warm copper and beige or cool icy platinum. The goal focuses on illuminating each client’s best assets through thoughtful placement catering to their coloring. This sculpting through color adds visible vitality beyond skincare for full makeup-ready polish.

Redken Shades EQ Gloss Treatments Revive Color

Between full coloring services, Redken’s customizable Shades EQ Gloss Treatments refresh faded ends and brighten all over for fresh salon results longer. Added proteins help strengthen strands, while the sheer gel deposit-only formula prevents further lightening. The translucent gloss click-mixes tailored tones and depths to seamlessly neutralize brassiness and complement undertones beautifully.

Glosses require less commitment than permanent color if experimenting with a dramatically different look temporarily. The sheerness allows better assessing to determine if you are ready to fully commit through permanent pigment later for that hue. Plus, the treatment leaves hair luminously conditioned, perfect for winter dryness or summer harshening UV exposure. Quick mini-makeovers improve hair happiness until the next color.

New Styling Iron Technologies Tame Unruly Hair

Smoothing stubborn frizz or sculpting sleek curls now proves easier courtesy of upgraded heat tool technologies. Salons now stock ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium models, allowing accurate, homogeneous heating while preventing hot spots from damaging hair. Some integrate dimmable settings or auto-shutoff timers for failsafe use, especially for finer hair.

More premium options even impart active conditioners or oils to hair alongside the styling purpose for a softer feel. The streamlined ergonomic handle designs maximize control, whether curling ends under or flipping ends out. So treat yourself to new upgraded gadgets promising snag-free speedy styling with shiny results as new innovations continue improving.

In summary, Winter Park salons stay on the cutting edge of hair color, cut, styling, and treatment trends to help locals look and feel their best. The top services to expect in 2024 span vivid dimensional coloring, breezy textured lobs with natural highlights, and extensions for instant polish. Leading area salon Bonne Vie in Winter Park, Orlando, offers experienced stylists and colorists alongside top brands like Redken, ready to deliver the latest looks. So book a consultation and pamper yourself to start the new year in peak glam.

Bonne Vie Hair Salon Winter Park Leads Winter Park Color Trends for 2024

Booking appointments with Bonne Vie Salon secures access to Winter Park’s top talent, driving the latest hair trends for 2024. Their experienced hair stylists train continually on breakthrough techniques like REDKEN Shades EQ Glossing and hand-painted lived-in balayage dimensions. Textured lobs also shine through their signature notch layering approach.

The welcoming salon exudes warmth while delivering the area’s most skilled precision cutting, coloring, styling, and smoothing treatments. We have highly trained and talented stylists who can make you look beautiful. Clients feel pampered, leaving with boosted confidence from our hair salon’s transformative services. Bonne Vie colorists foresee painted naturals, vibrant gloss tones, bounced curls, and seamless lobs rising exponentially in requests throughout 2024.

In summary, top Winter Park salons like Bonne Vie expect dimensional lived-in hues, bombshell curls, textured shoulder-grazing lobs, and damage-free vivid coloring formulas dominating bookings as the new year approaches. Area clients increasingly request modern yet manageable looks offering longevity and minimal daily upkeep. Contact Bonne Vie Salon to secure consultations with Winter Park’s premiere stylist award winners if you are looking for the best hair salon in Orlando for a haircut with the latest trends, hair stylists, and hair care products.

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