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Author: Emil Aghayev

Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando, FL originated from New York City where highly trained stylists from all around the world came together to provide the best hair salon services filled with inspiration, experience, and comfort.

  • Bonne Vie Salon: Easy Beach Party Waves!

    Bonne Vie Salon: Easy Beach Party Waves!

    Easy Beach Party Waves! Bonne Vie: Secrets of the Beach Party Waves! There is a brand of hair products that is quietly and elegantly transforming hair, one head at...

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  • Wedding Hairstyles

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Wedding Hairstyles Summer is here and often time, there are a lot of weddings in summer. If you need to find a great hair stylist for your wedding, Bonne...

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  • hair salon orlando

    Orlando Hair Salon FL

    Orlando Hair Salon Orlando hair salon – with the diverse experience of hair stylists in the beauty sector, our experts offer the best advice to perfect your everyday look...

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  • japanese straight perm

    Japanese Straight Perm

      Japanese Straight Perm Are you tired of the frizzy wavy hair? Bonne Vie Hair Salon is here to save your day with their all-time famous Japanese straight perm....

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  • Best Hair Salons Orlando

    Best Hair Salons Orlando Florida

    Best Hair Salons Orlando Are you looking for a great, unique, and budget-friendly option for the best hair salons in Orlando? Well, look no more because there’s no one...

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  • Japanese Hair Straightening

    Japanese Hair Straightening at Salon

    Japanese Hair Straightening Are you thinking of getting Japanese hair straightening treatment? Getting your hair straightened permanently via chemicals sounds appealing. And why would it not? The process finally...

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