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Are you looking for a hair salon that can turn your dull strands into a work of art full of carefree ease? Bonne Vie Hair Salon is located in the heart of Winer Park, FL. We have a talented and passionate team offering you a bespoke and premier experience that will make you look gorgeous and feel confident and stylish. So if you are looking for an incredible hair stylist in Winter Park, you are at the right place.

What is Bonne Vie Hair Salon?

Bonnie Vie Hair Salon is a current and trendy place inhabitants of the Winter Park district are totally in love with. The salon, owned and run by hair lovers, aims to deliver impeccable service and styling hair that matches the individuals’ features and personality traits.

About Bonne Vie Hair Salon 

  • Behind every successful company’s title is a visionary leader, they say. The phrase: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” describes Bonne Vie, owned by Emil Aghayev, who puts his heart, desire, and the maximum effort into constructing the most reliable hair salon in Winter Park. Even though it was challenging to assemble a great team and ensure only top-notch quality, Emil exceeded the challenges to make his dream come true.
  • We made a bustling spot for hair and beauty from an initially private champagne parlor with a local audience. Emil’s absolute devotion to his job and clients has undoubtedly been the leading boat & sails of Bonne Vie. Through his constant upgrades and ability to stay ahead of time, we have created a setting where imagination and innovation keep growing.
  • Emil has recruited experienced and kind-hearted stylists to help craft the company’s standard of excellence under Emil’s leadership. Our staffing team includes staff who were not only brought on board for technical skills but also have open, friendly personalities and the ability to relate to our clients personally.

Services Offered Hair Stylist in Winter Park - hair style done by hair stylist in winter park hair salon

Bonne Vie Hair Salon is equipped with professionals who promote precision in the many services like dyeing, additions, intricate updos, and smoothing keratin treatment, which you might require. Be they are here to assist you in a complete hairstyle change, or you are just looking forward to having your current style maintained, their dedicated hairstylists with proven skills of nurturing your hair imagination achieve this.

The Importance of a Professional Hair Stylist

Expert Knowledge

The ideal way is to consult a hairstylist because only a professional can ensure an outstanding appearance when you appear to the public. All those people are astonishingly good, and their jobs make needles and thread look easy again. Bonne Vie Hair Salon is a space for creativity, where stylists with scissors, brushes, and bowls in their hands make a lot of fantasy, aesthetic, and memorable masterpieces that embellish the face and illuminate the kind lines of your face.

Expert Techniques

  • Locating a hairstylist with extended experience at your corner becomes the foremost task in striving for the hairstyle of your dreams. In our salon, Bonne Vie, our stylists practice all the latest cuts and hairdo fashions directed by the world’s leading stylists. Our techniques are mastered through regularly attending courses. Besides, they know everything about fine hair textures, excellent face shape, color theory, etc., which they employ to design specially tailored hair cuts, colors, and styles.
  • Even though they know quite a bit more than foundation hair-cutting skills, our stylists are real-born artists. They will unveil your sense of fashion through successive consultations, a brief mix of your lifestyle, and the intended result. It’s a unique gift to detect little details and be like an artist to a small extent. Thus, they can transform even the most improbable hairstyles into masterpieces.

Personalized Consultations

  • We aim to put a smile on people’s faces with a skillful hairstyle resulting from cooperation between our stylist and client. This is how we ensure that our stylists consult with each client before service by conducting one-on-one sessions. With this knowledge, they can answer questions about the process since they already know what is essential to you: the battle of the outcome that may be good for your lifestyle.
  • During these consultations, our stylists will be curious about your hair story, formerly held treatments or coloring, and overall styling habits. They will also consider the shape of your face, your skin’s complexion, and your style preference. Now, it is time to fortify this info and develop a personalized plan based on your specific needs that you can use to reach your hair goals.
  • However, it even gets more interesting. Stylists in our team are excellent communicators, leading them to take you step by step throughout the process, explaining the procedures they will utilize and why they feel these are the best for your hair type and desired looks. Most of all, they will provide helpful tips on taking care of your brand-new style at home, making it possible to pamper and enjoy healthy hair even after you leave the salon.
  • Through a collaboration with a professional hair stylist from Bonne Vie Hair Salon, you are not only getting a haircut or some color treatment – you are gaining a personalized service that is oriented to your peculiar requirements and convictions. This level of in-depth knowledge, creativity, and detail makes our salon unique. It ensures you leave the salon feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to meet your challenge with a newly acquired look.


If you’re ready to experience the pinnacle of hair styling expertise, schedule your appointment with Bonne Vie Hair Salon in Winter Park. With expert staff, an elegant atmosphere, creativity, and dedication to our customers, this salon offers you a carefree of, stylish look. Book an appointment now and allow Bonne Vie Hair Salon professionals to turn your thin hair into an artwork you will proudly wear.

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