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Hair treatments for damaged hair? It’s a never-ending quest to have perfect hair. No one wants to deal with harsh, dry, and difficult-to-manage hair. There are many salon treatments for dry hair besides oil, hair masks, and protein packs that you should look into. Hair specialists can treat dry hair at salons. The following are the best salon hair treatments by Bonne Vie Hair Salon for reviving your hair’s volume, radiance, and overall health in a matter of minutes.

The Best Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Keratin Therapy

Do you want to be victorious in your struggle against frizzy hair? Hair smoothing service Keratin Complex has been popular for more than 10 years and can last for several weeks. Also known as the famous Brazilian Blowout, softeners and keratin treatments can convert hair from curly to straight. 

It’s great for curly or frizzy hair who want smooth results but don’t want to use flat irons or other style tools at home.


OLAPLEX is a salon-quality treatment for frizzy hair. Damage is halted at the molecular level by mending broken connections deep inside the hair. The OLAPLEX range is highly adaptable and can be used across many services – you can mix it with hair color, use it as a stand-alone treatment for especially chemical or heat damaged hair, or help retain the integrity and shine of virgin hair. Various retail goods are available for customers to purchase and use at home to preserve their results following their visit.

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Metal Detox

The quantity of metals in our water and the rest of our surroundings causes metal buildup in our hair. Hairdressers find it challenging to work on our hair because of the metal buildup in it after each wash. In addition to producing breakage and inconsistent color results, metals harm the hair fiber particles.

Glucosamine, a tiny chemical, provides the answer to all of this. Small enough to go through hair fibers, it fights with metal inside the molecule, which is obvious. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Metal Detox treatment now includes the newly discovered, highly effective chemical.

1. First, you’ll need to apply the pre-treatment to your locks. All the metal in your hair will be removed. Before any hair color, balayage, or bleaching service is required.

2. Wet your hair and lather it with a professional shampoo to complete the process. After the service, the shampoo will remove all metal from your hair fiber. The sucrose-free shampoo is available in the product line.

3. The final step is to protect your hair using protective care and a mask. The mask, used after shampooing, will help keep your hair free of new metal particles.

Following these measures, your hair will be completely metal-free and not break down, ensuring that your hair will retain its color even after bleaching.

Hair Glossing

Want a quick hair shine that lasts for weeks on end? Smoothes the hair shaft and adds a reflective luster to it. This popular hair enhancement service is the best for your hair to enhance newly colored or virgin hair shine.

Try a glossing treatment if you’re in the mood to pamper yourself. Consider a glossing treatment as the top layer for your hair and opt for one after every hair coloring session.

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Taking the time to go to a salon and get your hair taken care of can do wonders. Having your hair cared for by professional hairstylists of Bonne Vie Hair Salon will help you maintain healthy and colorful hair.

The next time you’re struggling with hair breakage or split ends, remember that a haircut isn’t the only option for repairing frizzy hair. Salon treatments can make every day a beautiful hair day, and Bonne Vie Hair Salon is your perfect partner for that for the best hair treatments for damaged hair.

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