Bangs! Exploding New Florida Styles!

Bangs! Exploding New Florida Styles!

Bangs Pack Power at Bonne Vie


Bonne Vie Salon knows Winter Park women are looking for a hair change to transition into Florida’s fabulous Fall season. Something deep within you is yearning for a chic new look. From the red carpet to the run-way, the fringed look is definitely the in look! Our stylists are creating totally new Fall looks for you with bangs! Yes, Bonne Vie Salon believes the answer to your fall quest for new Fall style is in our shears, and we are styling bangs in a myriad of trendy new shapes for 2014-2015.

Bangs Galore: Red Carpet to Run-way to Bonne Vie Salon!

Bangs: get the look at Bonne VieAccording to Hair Boutique online, “A classic fringe is cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but fringes can also be texturized, heavily layered, ruffled, swept to one side.”

Bangs bring many flattering fringe benefits which you might consider when you choose your fall look at Bonne Vie Salon:
1. Bangs can diminish a large or long forehead.

2. They can help you manage cowlicks.

3. Fine lines on your forehead can be camouflaged or gently hidden by your bangs.

Bangs! Glamour At Winter Park FL
4. Bangs look fabulous with the new fall hair accessories, like bandeaux, headbands, and slick golden clips.

5. Accent your eyes with bangs that come just to the top of your eyebrow arch.

6. If your nose is constantly being referred to as cute, perky or small, long, thick bangs can accentuate sculpted shape.

On the one hand, with short hair, we believe bangs add a sexy, sultry quality.

On the other hand, with long tresses, ladies love the new look of bangs because they need not sacrifice precious length in order to update their look.

To keep every long strand, but update your style for Fall, you might check out some ideas at this online source.

Bangs: Part of our Passion For Fall Fashion

Bangs are blossoming on the red carpet and popping up on the metropolitan street scene everywhere! Below are just a few of the newest look that will take you right through sweater and beret season.

1. Bangs: Angled, Side-swept Fringe – For mystery!

We find cool sophistication and smooth versatility in this easy way to wear long bangs. Just check out Emma Stone’s new look, which matches side-swept bangs with an angled bob. Seriously, go to this online resource and feel the vibe from a hairstyle that goes from glamorous to red carpet with the casual toss of a head.

In the words of Harpers’s Bazaar, ” It’s choppy and piecey and totally perfect.”
We recommend this style of bangs for any length of hair. Sideswept bangs will compliment almost any shape of face. We love the mystery they add when they touch on or over just one eye.

Bangs from Bonne Vie SalonBy the way, our Bonne Vie stylists will show you the appropriate hair products from Davines and Morrocan Oil to compliment the shine of your new bangs.

2. Baby Bangs: For That Innocent and Gamine Quality!


The Stylists at Bonne Vie have mastered the textured technique of creating baby bangs. Cut soft and short, they look super cool with a pony tail or ultra chic with an uber-short style. Baby Bangs are a little bit vintage and a little bit futuristic, the best of both worlds.

3. Bangs: Blunt Cut and Sharp – For Commanding Presence!

The strong lines of blunt cut bangs can give you a powerful, no nonsense appeal for work, and a classic sculptured effect when you pull sides and back into a messy bun or a sleek French twist.
Again, we refer you to Vogue, where like Kim Kardasian’s messy but geometric bangs frame her face with her cutting-edge up-do.


Check it out at this online reference, along with other modern women who are trying Vidal Sassoon’s immortal styling. No wonder they called Vidal SassoonBangs Go Modern at Bonne Vie “the man who made the world look good!”



4. Jagged, Uneven Bangs – For Imperfect Polish

These textured bangs are not designed for the precision minded woman who likes every tidy hair in place. Jagged bangs cut with an uneven, almost feathery texture bring a wispy, playful quality to your style.


5. Notes About Upkeep:

Some women shy away from bangs for fear of a dirty, oily look. Bonne Vie and the Novermber issue of Haircut & Style Magazine, suggest that you can pull the rest of your hair out of the way with a band, and give your bangs a quick wash over your sink. To keep the bangs stylish and not over-grown, we suggest you return to Bonne Vie Salon for a trim every five to seven weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

6. Faux “Bangs” – For the Unsure!

If it has been a long time since you have seen yourself in bangs, Bonne Vie says you can try on the idea”

1. Begin by combing in a deep side part.

2. Sweep your hair over the forehead and clip to the side with three or four bobby pins! We are pretty sure you’ll like the look, for a festive fall change!

(By the way, the bobby pins are not meant to be hidden any more. They have come into their own as a trendy hair adornments, in rows or crisscrossed!)

Thank you for reading this week’s Bonne Vie Salon blog, and remember, any way we cut them, bangs are the new Fall fashion accessories for your face!