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Best hair salon Orlando

Best Hair Salon Orlando

Best hair salon Orlando – when you come to Bonne Vie Salon, you quickly begin feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Located just off of the beaten path on the notorious Park Ave in Winter Park, FL, driving up to the salon will give you a preview of how elegant and welcoming Bonne Vie truly is. With tall trees and brick roads, it’s easy to see why Bonne Vie Salon is tucked away in such a vibrant part of town.

View what our clients say about the hair salon:

I have been a customer at Bonnie Vie Salon for over 5 years now. I have always had a wonderful experience. The employees are kind, professional, attentive and make your experience incredible. I see Umit each time and he is AMAZING!! So personable, nice and extremely talented! He can always execute my hair goals with ease! I am obsessed
 Update I have been going to Bonne Vie for a few years now and still can’t say enough good things about the salon. Kristina always does an amazing job with my cut and color. And the staff is always welcoming and professional. Extremely happy with the salon and service! This was my first visit ( a few years ago now) and I was greeted by Taya who was very personable and welcoming. A great start for someone who was very nervous searching for a new salon after my former relocated out of state. Kristina did a great job on my color -which was my first time trying the organic color. It matched perfectly. Then I had been unsure if I wanted to get a haircut or not but decided to go ahead with it. I I’ve been trying to grow my hair out and still unsure of what I wanted but left it up to Kristina to trim it up. She did an awesome cut and style. Even though I said I wouldn’t get it to come out the same way she assured me that it would look better than before. I have to say that I am the happiest with my hair after she cut it, since I have been growing it out. Awesome place all the way around and will definitely be back.

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