Get Luxurious Locks and Top Services at Our Winter Park Hair Salon

Do you need a new haircut, color, or treatment and go back to looking your best? Look no further than the top hair salon in Winter Park. With our team of skilled stylists, you are guaranteed to have a great time in a comforting environment where you will emerge with lovely locks.

Professional Stylists and Colorists

Our hair salon hires only the most skillful stylists and colorists with whom we keep abreast of the latest fashion tips and tricks. They will thoroughly listen to your hair goals and tastes prior to creating a personalized style that flatters your features. If you want natural highlights, striking color changes, or a complex haircut, we will make it real.

Highly Trained and Experienced

Our stylists have to take up exhaustive training programs and workshops each year in order to maintain their craft. Most of them have more than ten years of experience working for the best salons all around the world. Their expertise is apparent in every cut, color, and style they do.

Specializations Available

Our stylists do balayage, ombré, baby lights, root smudge, and vivid fashion colors. Our barbers are trained in knife-cutting techniques and fashionable or on-trend styles, e.g., texturized shoulder-length or fringe cuts.

Custom Consultations

Your stylist studies the condition of your hair, its texture, growth patterns, and problem areas during your complimentary consultation. They will talk about your lifestyle, likes, and style goals before making a truly customized look just for you.

Utilize Advanced Techniques

We are at the forefront of hair innovation as we broaden our knowledge continuously. Our stylists learn dusting, slice layer, air touch coloring, and artisan hair painting, which are newly introduced to them. Art meets science for unique, no-fuss looks.

Innovative Coloring Methods

Starting with balayage to baby lights, our artists will revitalize dull hair by carefully placing highlights and lowlights. They incorporate cutting-edge techniques such as balayage boards and fine partial foils to achieve the look without grow-out visible.

Precision Cutting Expertise

Our skilled cutters build form and motion through slice layering, texturizing, and seamless fringe trims. Their sharp eyes and steady hands make sure that each strand falls perfectly in place to achieve just the right result with a beautiful move.
Our experts will examine your hair and create a concept that emphasizes your best characteristics. We have a passion for hair; we give unique services to each client.

Modern Techniques as well as Personalized Services

Working with balayage and ombré to precision cuts and hair extensions, all services we offer are innovative to find out what suits you right. Our professionals stay in tune with the latest coloring designs, such as freehand balayage, to provide you with a natural-looking, dimensional color. We also employ high-end products such as Redken, Pureology, and Moroccanoil for gorgeous, well-cared hair.

Signature Hair Treatments

Put your hand on one of our signature conditioning and repair treatments, like a hair mask rejuvenating or a severe therapy for split-ends. We’re going to spoil you top to toe while these nutritious treatments will change your hair’s look and feel. Our formulated hair therapy cures virtually any hair care issue.

Rejuvenating Hair Mask Treatments

From the root right down to the tip, our healing hair masks are enriched with butter, oil, and nutrients for deep nourishment. Select between hydrating, repairing, smoothing, or volumizing hair masks. With the treatment looking after the skin, avail of a head or hand therapy.

Intensive Split End Therapy

Our split-end therapy with protein filler offers an intensive treatment for repairing split ends with its proprietary compound that binds split ends back together. It glues the layers of the cuticle together, thus playing the role of a sealant for smooth and healthier hair. The treatment also includes therapeutic hair oil that leads to the formation of strong hair and protects against further splitting.

Damage Repair Therapy

This treatment restores processed, chemically treated hair with a protein-packed hair mask. It permeates hair to fill in the cuticle layer gaps due to chemical services and heat tools. Olaplex No. Shot. And three is customized to the service, too, for stronger, shinier locks.

Scalp Detoxifying Treatment

Please clean up your hairstyle by adding our detox treatment from styling products on your scalp. The cleaning here is derived from peppermint cleanser paste before the purifying mud mask is used. A botanical tonic that cools perfectly finishes off the service, leaving your scalp plentifully refreshed.
We tailor the timing, method, and products utilized in our Signature Treatments to the specific needs and goals of your hair. Try us today to experience our life-changing hair therapies.

Lavish and Warm Salon Atmosphere

Relax in our magnificently design salon with natural light, pleasing music, and comfortable furniture for that ultimate care for yourself. Young and friendly staff ensures each visitor the most complete and professional service, combined with an elegant yet relaxed ambiance.

Spa-Like Interior Design

Enter our salon, and immediately, the tension will flow away with the lovely atmosphere. Wood tones, greens of lush plants, muted light, and classy artwork form a tranquil oasis. The serene melodies of peaceful music create harmony for relaxation.

Soothing Color Palette

Creamy ivories, pale greens, and neutral taupes shroud our setting in Zen-like stillness. Shades of muted blues and greens in accents, picking up the colors of nature, complete the peaceful mood.

Soft, Flattering Lighting

Halogen lights, table lamps, and pendant lighting have been wisely placed to add warmth to our space, which makes the environment cozy. Soft lighting, together with adequate daylight, removes shadows and eye fatigue.

Curated Artwork

Beautiful and fitting ethereal paintings and photographs complement our salon’s relaxed theme, adding visual appeal. These outfits were thoughtfully curated to have a sense of harmony and comfort. The organic forms and cool hues of our soothing space are further highlighted.
From a soothing color palette to a textural accent, every design element in the salon brings you instant peace. Get away from the busy streets into our urban sanctuary for an amazing salon treatment.

Salons Recreated for Comfort best services at hair salon winter park

At each salon station, there is a multi-functioning leather chair that has adjustable heat settings so that you will be heated up and have full comfort while receiving services. Feel the stress leave your neck, shoulders, and back as we indulge your hair follicles.

Ergonomic Chairs

Our luxury salon chairs stretch and release tension while providing heat therapy. Completely lie back in a position comfortable to you while relaxing during the service.

Adjustable Headrests

Every station includes a movable headrest that moves to fit your neck comfortably for maximum support and pain relief while shampooing or having your hair styled. No more neck strain!

Luxury Salon Amenities

Egyptian cotton linens, high-end hair products, and top-notch tools like ceramic irons ensure an ultra-luxe experience. Rest assured that you are going to be the priority from the moment you get in.
Indulge without a care in the world – our ergonomic stations warm you up while we pamper your hair. Complete relaxation awaits!

Complimentary Beverages

While you wait for your service, select a chilled wine, hot coffee drink, organic tea, or flavored infused water. Light snacks that include mixed nuts and fresh fruit are available as well. Keep drinking your complimentary drinks while here.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer-focused crew places your helping hand at the top of their list. We store individual names and their preferred appointment times in our data records to ensure a personalized one-on-one talk. Our staff attends to all demands during your visit for relaxation. Please tell us how we can take your next visit to the next level.

Staff Trained in Hospitality

We have several specialized trainings meant for exceptional client service only. Each staff member is aware of how to foresee needs, give top service, and create a conducive environment.
The whole point of Total Satisfaction, your absolute joy and contentment drive everything we do. We will be overjoyed when you look and feel as beautiful as you can. Do share any suggestions so we can render you better services!

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Easily book your next salon service through our online scheduling system or phone app. Ask the stylist and the service time that suits your schedule.

Seamless Online Booking

On our user-friendly website and the mobile salon app, we offer our customers hassle-free scheduling. Pick your date and time, and book a place with a few clicks. The system will send you email and text reminders so you can go to your appointment. Reschedule or cancel online intuitively as necessary.

Choose Your Stylist

Please take a close look at the profiles, experience levels, and gallery of their portfolios with the works of our team of stylists. Choose your preferred artist during the haircut, color, blowout, or treatment booking. The system saves your favorites, making it easy for you to book in the near future.

Easy  Accessibility

With our digital booking tools, you can schedule, reschedule, or check upcoming appointments any time of day, seven days a week. Whether it is booking late at night or bright and early, we’ve got you covered.

Extended Hours of Operation

We open early, close late, and have regular weekend availability, so you can get the best of us whenever it is convenient for you. On weekdays, most of the time, we are open from 8 am to 8 pm and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends.

Early Morning Availability

Don’t let the morning rush beat you; take advantage of our early opening hours. We open at 8 am every day except Fridays, for your convenience. Come before work to get hair for the office in no time at all.

Late Evening Options

If your only opportunity to come is a late evening session, book a session with us. We keep seats available for appointments until 8 pm four times a week so you can come after your late shift.
A social golden boy, let us climb up the timeline you. Being flexible and user-friendly, our booking options enable you to enjoy superior services any time you want.

Central Winter Park Location

Situated right off Park Avenue in Winter Park, Winter Park and Orlando neighborhoods can conveniently reach our salon. Our private parking lot is for your convenience.

Conveniently Located in Downtown Winter Park

A short walk from Park Avenue’s beautiful neighborhood, we are minutes away from Winter Park’s renowned dining, galleries, boutiques, and cafes. Have a brief futuristic hair styling before going downtown Winter Park.

Local Convenience

We are centralized to offer a breeze short ride to the Winter Park communities such as Baldwin Park, Colonialtown North, and Downtown South. Dealing with the traffic jams, opt for a beauty salon which is situated nearby.

Are you new to town?

If you are in the Orlando area, then our closeness to Winter Park makes our salon the ideal self-care treat. Indulge into a rejuvenation activity before you go touring with theme parks and attractions.

Complimentary Private Parking

Forget about the pain of finding parking downtown with our private 30+ space parking lot just for our clients. Comfortable parking eased the visit. Near our salon entrance, use free covered or uncovered spaces.

Additional Nearby Public Parking

If our private lot is full, look to the public street parking and city parking garages, as both are within a block of the salon. Nighttime metered street parking is also free from 9 pm onwards daily.
Enjoy 5-star hair treatment and more with our fabulously located Winter Park hair salon. Directly get in touch with us to schedule your next hair appointment.


Get a makeover and great service from the hair salon in Winter Park. Reach us via phone or online to see your appointment with our award-winning stylists and colorists. We are here to assist you with elegant hair.

Get Your Booking in a Few Minutes

Scheduling your next salon visit takes less than minutes on our website or through a mobile app. Pick your service, stylist, date, and time, then enter payment details for quick and hassle-free scheduling. Contact us right away online 24/7.

Call for Personalized Help

Shall I book over the phone? Reach us at our front office desk any time during business hours for personalized services. Explain your hair dreams, and we will find stylists who meet that criteria.

First-Time Clients: Get a Consult

Let’s assume it is your first time in our salon. If so, we suggest you sign up for a complimentary getting-to-know-you session. We will be able to assess your hair, talk about your goals, and plan the best-fit service for you.
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