Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening, Orlando


A lot of people are choosing to get their Japanese hair straightening done in Orlando nowadays. This type of permanent hair straightening is very impressive, easy to do, and it comes with extraordinary benefits. With that in mind, it can be convenient; all you have to do is to try it out for yourself and enjoy the results.

What is Japanese hair straightening?

At its core, the idea here is to turn your curly, coarse, or wavy hair into pin-straight locks. In order to do that, you get the hair treated with chemicals. These chemicals will help break the protein bonds. Those are the things that give shape to your hair, so by removing them, it’s a lot easier to have straight hair. This process is known as thermal reconditioning, mainly because it uses flat irons that are heating up to high temperatures so the straightening process can begin.

How Japanese hair straightening work?

Japanese hair straightening in Orlando

The Japanese hair straightening process in Orlando can take up to 3 or 4 hours, maybe even eight if you have very long hair.

The first step is to come to the Bonne Vie professional hair salon in Orlando. We will help you schedule everything based on your own needs.
When you come to us, we will start the straightening process with shampooing and partial drying.
Then we apply the Japanese hair straightening solution or activator. We will then perform a strand test to see if the hair is ready or not.
After we agree that your hair is suitable for the next step, we rinse it, condition it, and then we apply a heat protector. That’s because we will start ironing, and the heat protector helps it for any damage.

We will also apply neutralizer, and we leave it there. It will help stabilize the pH balance and bring in the right solutions.
We will apply more heat protectant and conditioner before the last blow-drying. We use only state of the art products to ensure that your hair is safe. After the procedure is done, you must keep the hair dry for up to 3 days.

This is a comprehensive process, and it comes with dedicated guidelines too. We recommend you to take it into consideration if possible; it will offer you the experience and quality you need all the time. It’s a great and rewarding opportunity, one that can help push the experience to new heights.

If you want professional Japanese hair straightening services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. The Bonne Vie professional salon in Orlando is ready to provide you with the best and highest quality Japanese hair straightening on the market. Learn more about Japanese Hair Straightening 

We keep prices very affordable, and you can rely on us to give you the efficiency and support you need. Contact us, let us know when and how to help, and you will be incredibly impressed with the results.

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