Professional Advice from Winter Park Hair Experts

Professional Advice from Winter Park Hair Experts on Coloring Your Hair

Consultation with your stylist

When it comes to hair, we at Bonnie Vie Hair Salon know and appreciate that there are no two similar heads; therefore, to be able to tackle the challenges facing hair today, a one-size-fits-all approach cannot work. That is why we so much value individual meetings with the clients, so that we can understand their expectations. On your first appointment, one of our talented colorists will assess your hair type, hair texture, porosity level, and hair’s current state.

They will also inquire about your regimen, including your daily activities, probable exposure to environmental aggressors, chemicals, and heat on your hair. These aspects are essential in defining the right coloring program and products to use.

In addition, our colorists will listen to your expectations and your goal, whether it is to maintain a natural +1, dramatic change, or a dramatic low-lifting grow-out. We can develop a colorful plan to meet your expectations because we care about the results you want to achieve and your hair’s condition and health.

Recommended time frames

Although the rules that we gave in this article are universal, our specialists at Bonnie Vie Hair Salon always remember that everyone is different. That is why, while suggesting certain time intervals for color touch-ups, every client is considered individually.

For instance, they may recommend that people with fine porous hair undergo procedures more often, within 4-6 weeks. This is because porous hair absorbs color much more rapidly, which is why fading is faster and regrowing hair becomes more conspicuous.

For clients with textured hair, it may be advisable to have a touch-up session every 6-8 weeks to achieve the best result of the chosen color and minimize harm from over-processing.

For coarse-resistant hair, your colorist may advise that you visit them every 8- 10 weeks. This longer interval is good because your hair is rather unforgiving to any given color. Hence, the color will remain longer before requiring a touch-up, which will only serve to further damage your hair.

Notably, the recommendations above are suggestions only, and everyone’s hair type is different, as is the look that one is aiming for, as well as the state of hair health that one currently has.

Tips for maintaining vibrant color maintaining vibrant color 

Bonnie Vie Hair Salon embraces the importance and necessary procedures for keeping hair colored in the best way between subsequent sessions. That is why it is Brocks’ policy for the stylists to explain how you can best maintain your color.

Here is our list of suggestions: It is advisable to wash hair with color-protecting shampoos and conditioners specially developed for colored hair. These products help fix color molecules and other dyes, thus giving the colored part a long-lasting hue.

Also, we recommend pointing out to the clients that heat styling tools are not beneficial for hair color as they weaken the color and make it less bright over time. However, when you do use hot tools, ensure that you use a thermal protectant and use the least heat possible.

Color fade is also something you have to look out for, especially if you’re wearing your hair up; too much sun oxidizes your color and can turn it brassy. Therefore, it is suggested that one wears a hat or utilizes hair spray, preferably a UV one, when out in the sun for a long.

Last but not least, deep conditioning is one of the unique treatments that can help maintain hair and avoid early fading. Our stylists can advise where to find professional-quality conditioning products and which of them correspond to your type of hair and hair color.

Thus, by following these expert tips and sticking to your coloring routine, you will be able to boast of bright, long-lasting colors that will enhance your beauty.

Signs You Need to Re-Color

Usually, no matter how vigilant you are when it comes to hair care and making sure always to get the best from your hair, there will always come a time when you will have to make that appointment for the color. Here are some telltale signs that it’s time for a refresh: Here are some telltale signs that it’s time for a refresh:

Fading and brassiness

Because color molecules wear off with time, what used to be a bright color will start to fade and look lifeless. Furthermore, the brassiness or unwanted golden/yellowish undertone may begin to show through, especially for dark, cool shades such as ash blonde or platinum.

Root regrowth

Does it not hold a little truth? We all have roots, and as much as we may love to play it safe and let the world believe that our hair is healthy, the moment our natural hair color starts growing at the scalp, it is time to seek the services of a stylist. Visible regrowth can produce an adverse and unplanned two-tone effect on hair.

Damage and dryness

If you find colored strands dry, stiff, and easily breakable, even if it is, maybe it is time to give your hair a treat. You may require changing the color formula, testing the formula that is less strong on your hair, or altering the regime of hair treatment for the extent of healthy color restoration.

Avoiding Over-Coloring Mistakes

Risks of over-coloring

It is important to note that owning a good hair color tool is essential for touch-up purposes, but it’s catastrophic to overdo it. Overusing coloring can result in drying and brittleness of the hair, Rate hair breakage, and, in extreme cases, hair loss. However, one needs to be very careful and only go for hair coloration occasionally without pausing in between.

Striking a balance

To achieve optimal hair health and quality while enjoying your colored hair, it is essential to find a balance between setting a regular hair color maintenance schedule and giving your hair a rest. Experts in the field propose that one should give one’s hair at least a 6-8 week break from bleaching to allow the hair strands’ elasticity to be restored and for hair to grow natural oils.

Professional touch-ups

One of the worst things that you can do is attempt to refresh your roots at home in between salon appointments. It is due to the fact that many professional colorists are very careful that they avoid repeating the mistakes of over-processing the hair or practically immersing the hair in color. Inadequate coverage may result from attempts for home touch-ups, possible formation of bands, and, in some cases, sp,ot touch-ups; the consequence could be irreversible. Let professionals do it, and do not attempt to do it on your own.


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