The Latest Hair Salon Winter Park Trends

Hair trends come and go faster than ever before, with stylish residents in Winter Park always eager to try the latest gorgeous looks popping up at local salons. From bouncy blowouts to vivid balayage and everything in between, Winter Park hair salons stay on top of all the current styles their savvy clients are requesting. Follow the latest hair salon Winter Park trends.

This winter, the most popular looks include:

  • Natural yet dimensional “bronde” color techniques.
  • Textured lobs with tousled layers.
  • Volume-boosting curl shapes that channel old Hollywood glam.

Local salon stylists have been busier than ever sculpting lived-in neutral hues, point-cutting medium-length cuts, and rounding out curls into flawless ringlets. The refreshed but relaxed vibes these styles embody perfectly complement the warm, creative energy that runs through Winter Park and its one-of-a-kind salons.

Are you intrigued by these latest trends, from the runways to your neighborhood Winter Park hair hot spots? Read on for an inside look at the gorgeous hair colors, cuts, and styles that local salon clients can’t g

et enough of this season – plus expert tips from hair artists on testing the trends for yourself! The talented stylists at salons throughout Winter Park know all the need-to-know details on pulling off these inspiring looks that their clients are raving about.

The Most Sought-After Styles Hair Salon Winter Park

When browsing the latest hair trends in Winter Park salons this spring, three styles stand out from the rest in popularity.

Luminous “Bronde” Color Luminous "Bronde" Color  in hair salon in winter park

This season’s most requested hair color trend combines golden lightness with rich depth for next-level dimension.

  • The multi-tonal “bronde” introduces lighter wheat, caramel, champagne, and buttery blonde babylights seamlessly painted throughout a slightly deeper beige base. This technique keeps roots darker for a harmonious grow-out process while expertly blended highlights frame the face.
  • Mixing cool and warm — yet soft and neutral — blonde undertones creates an organic look with lots of complexity. The bronde gives off a lit-from-within radiance that appears custom-made to complement most complexions.
  • Sought-after Winter Park salon colorists achieve these dimensional looks using advanced balayage, baby lights, or foil work painted with a delicate hand—the art of bronde calls for meticulously picking out fine sections to illuminate with brightening baby lights and then using balayage to melt lowlights through mid-lengths and ends for contrast. This level of detail delivers lived-in vibes rather than overly processed.
  • There’s no question why luminous multi-tonal “bronde” coloring is taking over as the trend sweeping Winter Park salons this spring. The technique cultivates breezy lightness with a seamlessly integrated boost of more decadent accents for awe-inspiring shine and glow. Expect to see gorgeous dimensional blondes all over your Instagram feeds and out at Hair Salon Winter Park’s chicest locales.

Benefits of Bronde Coloring

Beyond complementing most complexions with its strategically blended mix of warm and cool tones, the depth and dimension of bronde deliver other benefits as well:

  • Longevity – Keeping the underlying base closer to one’s natural shade makes the bronde grow out seamlessly. The balayage and baby lights melting from mid-shaft down camouflage roots and regrowth. This allows the bronde to hold up longer between refresh appointments.
  • Low Maintenance – With a series of fine highlight chunks dispersed throughout, the lifted color avoids appearing brassy. Quick gloss refresher tones counteract any potential yellowing. This keeps upkeep simple between full appointments.
  • Volume Enhancing – The pops of dimensional color weaved strategically throughout add the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. It also allows stylists to point-cut the lighter pieces for extra airiness when cutting the hair.
  • Customizable Placement – Excellent salon colorists personalize the bronde placement to emphasize the features each client wishes to highlight. Lifted baby lights can angle to accentuate the eyes, cheekbones, or framing.

There is no question the evergrowing benefits attached to Bronde continue fueling its meteoric rise to the most coveted hair color in Winter Park salons today. From low maintenance to customization, this multi-tonal blonde brilliantly flatters while making styling easy and fun. Who doesn’t wish for effortless beauty that still steals the spotlight everywhere you go?

Textured Lobs

The textured lob haircut proves less is more when crafting flawless versatility for busy Winter Park locals. Mixing mid-length dimensions with texturizing slices, this elongated bob shape adds breezy polish to every outfit.

  • Playing off relaxed sensibilities while still masterfully shaped, the textured lob features sliced layers cut to create enviable texture and movement. Strategic point cutting removes weight for enhanced flow while allowing supreme versatility and sleek, tousled, or wavy styling.
  • The elongated length of grazing collarbones maintains femininity and options for versatile styling while avoiding high-maintenance long layers. Textured ends let locals embrace Orlando’s humid climate and active vibes without compromising on cut.
  •  From chatting at brunch to jet set to yoga class, Winter Parkians love keeping their signature style gracefully uncomplicated. Although still appearing expertly finessed, that effortlessness wins hearts at home in laidback Winter Park and beyond.
  •  The ever-popular textured lob appears custom-crafted to complement the cosmopolitan energy and creative scene thriving throughout Winter Park. No wonder the cut continues dominating salon books, with clients and stylists adoring how the dimensional shape flatters diverse faces and hair textures for showstopping results every client will enjoy.
  • This eloquently easy cut slyly symbolizes the insider area style – simple jetsetter chic melding with an artist’s eye. Textured lobs let savvy locals pull off any look with spunk and spirit.

Why Textured Lobs Dominate Winter Park Style

Beyond embodying effortless sophistication, several advantages explain why textured lobs rank as the most requested cut at Winter Park’s top salons:

  • Low Maintenance – The slightly shorter mid-length avoids troublesome long layers that require intensive upkeep. Point cutting removes weight and lets shorter pieces air dry quickly. Effortless wash-and-go styling suits active locals.
  • Lightweight Appearance – Strategic slicing and texturizing create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. The dimension makes hair appear bouncy even on finer hair types.
  • Face Framing – Angling piece face-framing fringe softens features. Texturized ends let stylists customize the fringe length to accentuate the eyes, cheekbones, and smile.
  • Creative Versatility – From sleek blown-out to beachy waves to messy curls – the textured lob transforms to suit any occasion. Stylists consider natural wave patterns when cutting to maximize flexible options.
  • Flattering Balance – The collarbone length and internal layers create a shapely silhouette regardless of hair thickness. It flatters those wanting distance without extreme density.

With exceptional artistry plus versatility, it becomes clear why Winter Park salons struggle to keep up with booking requests for textured lobs. The iconic cut promises season after season of effortlessly beautiful, lightweight locks.

Bouncy Old Hollywood Curls

When special events grace the social calendars of Winter Park’s most stylish this spring, requests for gorgeous curled shapes surge, taking inspiration from Hollywood’s Golden Era while amplifying the volume; the trend proves ultra glamorous waves will never fade from the beauty scene.

  • Expert salon stylists oblige clients’ requests for lush, flawless spirals by setting meticulous pin curls to set the shape. Round brushes smooth the coils into uniform ringlets before gently brushing out the ends for separation and movement. Bouncy Old Hollywood Curls in winter park fl
  • Strategic teasing at the crown builds impressive lift at the roots to contrast the rolled, tucked ends for added eye-catching bounce and dimension. Stylists customize volume levels and curl direction/size based on a client’s aesthetic vision.
  • The final bombshell effect turns heads with shapely, visually striking curl formations exuding Old Hollywood beauty icon energy. Yet updated volume placement and loosened ends keep the curled sets fresh and accessible for stylish Winter Park locals rather than strictly vintage.
  • Whether inspiration comes from Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake, or Ginger Rogers – the timeless beauty of luminous sculpted curls will forever reign supreme for momentous occasions. Smooth waves feel enchanting and channel confidence and glamour at their finest. No wonder today’s most influential Winter Parkians crave reviving the aesthetic when important events demand showstopping ensembles.

Why Bombshell Waves Stay Timeless

Beyond the lush, envy-inducing aesthetic, several advantages explain why bombshell curls continue inspiring hair trend revival decade after decade:

  • Statement-Making Impact – With eye-catching sheen, shape, and size – uniformly curled hair announces one’s entrance with graceful confidence. The drama suits elevating particular event style.
  • Balance & Harmony – Strategic volume at the crown balances wider curled ends for fluid, shapely movement. Expert stylists customize the curl size/direction to flatter facial features and frame the face.
  • Increased Volume – Round brush smoothing and strategic teasing lays a strong foundation for boosted body and lift. Curls then expand for an attention-grabbing amplified bounce.
  • Customizability – Stylists tailor the pin curl sets to equally accentuate thick or thin hair. Tighter curls on finer hair increase density for maximized fullness.
  • Preserved Longevity – Weather-proof products help sculpt definition against Orlando humidity all evening. Carefully placed pins secure flawless curls, leaving events.

With luscious dimension catching all eyes the moment one enters the room – it becomes instantly clear why bouncing sculpted curls stay beloved for special events year after year in Winter Park’s beauty scene. Rightfully so, the dazzling sets evoke instant glitz and timeless glamour.

Insider Tips from Winter Park’s Top-Rated Stylists

To look inside the trends sweeping Winter Park salons this spring, we asked hair stylists from top neighborhood salons to share what clients are buzzing about during recent appointments.

  • Meghan, stylist, and owner of Bonnevie Salon, spilled on the seasonal obsessions she’s seeing: “So many guests come in with photos of bronde color or textured lobs they want to try. The dimensional blonde looks are huge – clients love how it brightens without high maintenance. And the mid-length lobs let people rock a current cut that works for Orlando’s humidity and active lifestyle.”
  • Senior stylist at Bonne Vie Salon has also noticed requests for updated takes on vintage curls: “Old Hollywood waves are making a major comeback this spring. We modernize them by boosting the volume at the crown first before cascading waves down. It’s glamorous yet wearable for stylish Central Florida locals looking to dial up the drama for events while still looking polished.”
  • Winter Park salons like Bonne Vie have a pulse on what well-informed local clients are rushing to request. The sought-after styles share low-fuss vibes blended with prompt-worthy, eye-catching results. Exploring the top neighborhood salons showcases how Winter Park residents define effortless beauty for today.

Insider Tips from Winter Park’s Top Salon Pros

To get an inside look at the hair trends igniting client inspiration this spring, we talked to hairstylists at two of Winter Park’s top-rated local salons for the scoop on the frequent requests making their appointment books surge.

  • According to Seventeen’s Leah, a senior stylist at one of the area’s highest-rated salons, Roscoe’s House of Beauty: “So many clients bring in photos of softly layered lobs and ask for sliced, piece-y ends. The dimensional color melts are equally popular. I love painting on buttery ‘bronde’ baby lights that frame the face then melt into a golden caramel ends for lots of depth but still a natural look.”
  • Our master said: “My clients adore when I round out their ends into voluminous curls that cascade down from seriously excited volume at roots – it’s a glamorous 1920s throwback made incredibly wearable. The key is lots of pin curls, then gently brushing out.”
  • Top salons in Winter Park, like Bonne Vie, champion effortlessly capturing the area’s laidback yet creative energy through their hair designs. Contributing their thoughts clarifies how locals define beauty – gorgeous yet no-fuss.

Achieving These Gorgeous Trends in Winter Park

After getting inspired by dimensional “blondes,” textured lobs, and lush curls, you’ll be eager to show off these latest looks defining Winter Park style this spring. When bringing examples to your stylist, make sure to:

  • Select 3-5 photos demonstrating angles and details for each trend you may want to try – consistency matters!
  • Point out specific color melt techniques like balayage or baby lights to achieve bronde dimension.
  • Note any sliced layering and point cutting for spiciness in lobs
  • Identify curl shape size, direction, and volume focus areas to replicate glam waves


Expert hair salon Winter Park stylists know how to finesse those fine points to take your hair goals from inspiration to fabulous reality. With clear vision boards and examples, they can customize cuts and colors to enhance your style.
Ready to refresh your look with dimensional color, breezy lobs, or bombshell curls? Trust Winter Park hair salon to bring these latest trends to life and have you stepping out with showstopping hair envied across town. Schedule a consultation and make those hair inspiration dreams come wondrously true!

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