2024 Winter Park Hair Salon with New Styles

It’s time to recline under the soothing rays of Florida and embrace your inner fashionista because Winter Park’s trendiest salon has predicted a sunny forecast for its 2024 locks. Reputed for vibrancy worthy of the Sunshine State, our team’s hair icons are prepared to help you part with dull and routine styling in favor of tresses that turn heads.

This year is about cuts and colors representing easy peace and natural elegance. Whether it shows up in lived-in shags or balayage brilliance, we give you the lowdowns of everything stylists predict will dominate 2024. Take this as a teaser of the new trends. We can’t wait to rock with you with the latest styles and popular hair color options

Cuts that Crush: new hair styles in winter park hair salon

  • In 2024, We love the sexy shaggy lob – a hybrid of classic long bob and textured shag. This hybrid style will be the new signature of your low-quantity, no-fuss look.
  • At Bonnie Vie Salon, our excellent stylists enjoy giving shaggy lobs built on your hair texture and face cut. We’ll leave you with free, unstructured waves and layered framing pieces that gently follow your features.
  • This result is the ultimate in a cool-girl, lived-in body. Think simple, messy waves that you can run fingers through before heading out—no need for vigorous blowdrying or precision curling ironwork.
  • Our shaggy lobs improve the natural texture of your fine and straight hair or thick, wavy strands. To increase the volume, we’ll cut off short layers and feathered textures accurately. Finally, finish off those ends with a razor-piecey effect to achieve that delicious undone look.
  • If you want a style that combines the coolness of an inverted lob with some shaggy flair, this one is it. Your shaggy lob will keep you looking stylish all the time. Farewell to the high-maintenance hair and say hello to this customizable look made for effortless air-dried perfection.
  • Let Bonnie Vie Salon make your dream of having modern, lived-in locks a reality. Call to schedule an appointment, and we will style you the shaggy lob that complements your hair type and fits into your everyday lifestyle. Let’s get ready for your new low-maintenance look!

The Blunt Power Bob: Your Bold, Versatile New Cut

  • Blunt Power Bob is one of the most anticipated trendy short styles for 2024. This cut is bold and suitable for everything at Bonnie Vie Salon.
  • Our professionals will personalize the exact size to highlight your face shape elegantly. We shall achieve clean, sharp lines that eliminate bulk and introduce slick silhouettes. The one-length cut will stop slightly above your collarbone, making a contemporary fashion statement because it is naturally rectilinear.
  • Although this sharp bob is attention-grabbing, it gives fantastic movements. We will demonstrate how to easily make polished sleekness or beachy, tousled texture styling.
  • When you need your strands to be sleek, we will train you to blow dry them straight and apply high-gloss serum for perfection like glass. It’s very sophisticated and classy for a night out.
  • For the low-key weekends, enjoy the bob’s messy side. To finish, air-dry for glamorous waves and sweeten the volume at the roots with a few spritzes of sea salt spray. Effortlessly cool and laidback.
  • One of our favorite trending cuts is the blunt power bob, which may be bold yet practical for any occasion. Please get in touch with the Bonnie Vie Salon for an appointment. We cannot wait to make your power bob and demonstrate all the different ways you can wear it!

Wispy Bang Magic: Frame Your Face with Airy Intrigue

  • Brace yourself to incorporate into your image a dose of modern mystique with feathery fringe bangs in 2024. This hairstyle is fashionable once again with a soft, whimsical twist.
  • Bonnie Vie Salon specialists are experts in cutting beautiful, wispy, ultra-lightweight, and airy bangs. We’ll sculpt a thin fringe that kisses your brow almost undetectably and flows with your hair perfectly.
  • Much like a spell, wispy bangs hold captivating mystery—and naturally draw attention to your eyes and the rest of your face. It is a softer, romantic style that has a touch of playfulness.
  • As such, let us design a thin side sweep that accentuates your face shape and enhances the most attractive features. We’ll ensure they flow well with your hair, depending on whether you have straight, stick-straight, or wavy locks.
  • Top off your style with hair-framed wispy bangs for a sensual contemporary Brigitte Bardot feel. It’s cute, mysterious, and all-over trendy for 2024.
  • Bonnie Vie Salon is where you get a fringe refresh and reveal your inner bangs. Book your next visit, and we will make a wisp for you. And now it is time to get ready to turn heads thanks to dream fringe highlighting your beauty.

Color that Captivates:

Golden Bronde: Sun-Kissed Dimension That’s Made for You

  • The 2024 golden blonde hair color trend will flood your life’s warm, seaside aspect. This fantastic blend of buttery blonde and cream brunette is entirely irresistible.
  • From Bonnie Vie Salon, our color specialists develop luscious golden bronde colors. After applying our hand-painted melange of honey and caramel highlights, we will create them to complement your skin tone and add warmth.
  • The bronde dimension will swirl across the foundation color, giving it depth and class. It’s all about that natural, weathered-in look – like you just returned from a week on the beach.
  • We will also tailor the placement and strength of your highlights according to skin color and personal taste. To achieve a daring statement, we’ll increase the contrast with bright splashes of butter blonde. To add a more delicate touch, honey tones are interwoven.
  • Let’s give you a golden glow that radiates the laid-back elegance of mid-coast living. Please book a consultation with Bonnie Vie Salon by contacting them. We can’t wait to develop a custom golden bronde look celebrating your unique identity.

Make 2024 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

All your hair should represent inner glow at Bonnie Vie Hair Salon. We would be happy to support you in welcoming these beautiful 2024 trends and releasing your inner sunlight all season long!

Ranging from tousled lived-in shags to rainbow balayage, we can’t wait to help you live the season trends. Our hair idols will customize your style just for you.

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