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At Bonnie Vie Salon, we don’t see hair as a just style but as an opportunity to express who you are. Our hair salon does not consist of only hairstylists, but true hair artists.

● We carefully listen to learn about your personality, lifestyle, and vision. Then, we turn your locks into a vibrant piece of life.

● Bonnie Vie’s stylists use trends as inspiration for your statement. We combine technical skills, artistic creativity, and self.

● The result? Hair magic such that you become unique and radiate with true self-confidence.

● Whether you seek a minor enhancement or an eye-popping model change, we will transform your hair fantasies into reality. The supportive environment of our friendly and welcoming salon helps in mirroring the customer.

● Are you ready for a style that celebrates the individual, beautiful person you are? Contact Bonnie Vie Salon today. It’s time to fall in love with your hair.

Balayage Brilliance Balayage Brilliance 

● Begin preparing for bizarre, artistic hues through balayage touches in 2024. With this type of freehand painting, our colorists can make your hair into a beautiful and bright piece.

● In the Bonnie Vie Salon, balayage is one of our signature services. Our stylist will not use foil and paint directly on your strands, resulting in softer-looking multi-dimensional results.

● We will place light pops to border your face and accentuate the characteristics. After that, deftly blend your amazing hues – from vibrant coppers to cool violets and candy-like pastels.

● So, the output is an elegant 3D color. We’ll customize the placement and strength, ranging from subtle ombre gradients to maximalist contrasts.

● Our amazing color team’s balayage techniques will be used to create brilliance solely for your hair. We listen attentively and convert your color dreams into wearable art.

● Unleash your painter instincts and use your hair as an expressive white canvas. Call Bonnie Vie Salon today to book an appointment and enjoy a balayage breakthrough.

Pops of Personality: Show Your True Colors

● By 2024, keep using striking accents that highlight your soul. You are who you want to be at Bonnie Vie Salon, and we love bringing out the fun color pops that emanate your character.

● Prepare to shock with colorful single strands and peek-a-boo highlights. Give us your dream colors, and we will make it real.

● Are you an inner rockstar? We will use fiery shades of orange and red to create an exciting impact. If you want to show your weirdness, Pastel, purple, pink, and blue are adorable! Feel like a siren? Your surname is seductive emerald green.

● The horizon is limitless as we dive into your hair wishes with our colorists. We’ll blend varying custom color compounds and cleverly introduce pops of bolder accents that are all yours.

● Avoid camouflage – look fabulous with brave hair color! Book your next appointment with Bonnie Vie Salon and let the world know who you are. It is time for your inner spirit to be brought out.

Release Your Inner Sea Creature with Octopus Hair

● Octopus Hair is one of the most unusual and modern trends we look forward to in 2024. This style embodies loose waves that resist gravity and curl around the head like tendrils.

● The creation of octopus hair is the process our stylists enjoy because of the unrestricted creativity they can allow. We will cut stripes of different lengths and position them in sculptural forms flowing over the head and shoulders.

● The completed look has a subaquatic, mythical feel. The cords coil and bend in every direction, like you just came up from the sea. It is a perfect look for mermaids, party people, or those who want to let their inner fish out.

● Octopus hair is versatile and can be customized to various lengths or hairstyles. In the case of short hair, the tentacle technique is achieved with wavy fringe elements and texturized crop layers. We will create flowing layers for long hair and style them as undulating waves.

● Unleash your craziest aquatic inspiration. Visit our salon, and together, we’ll develop an octopus look to highlight your daring spirit. This style is ideal when you want to make a very artistic statement.

Slick Things Up With a Polished Pony

● In 2024, the hair trend for a super clean, shiny ponytail will be the slicked-back style if you are obsessed with an immaculate, glossy look. The pony has moderate stylizing that compensates for its sophisticated, classy feel.

● First, our stylists suggest using super straight hair and, if needed, adding a flat iron to eliminate any frizz or kinks. Second, apply a glossing serum or oil on the crown and sides so that they are ultra-sleek.

● Get your hair into a chic little ponytail at the back of the crown. End with a spray of strong-hold hairspray for lasting refinement.

● To offer a little more flair, wrap some of the hair around the elastic to hide it. Or, build suspense with a dramatic crown bump that is big and bouffant in shape.

● A slicked-back ponytail represents calmness and self-assurance. We will generate this rigorously sleek effect for a unique occasion or girls’ night out when you want to give an impression of classy elegance. The outcome is stunning, attention-grabbing hair that draws stares.

Scrunchie Comeback

● In recent years, Scrunchies – those massive fabric-covered hair ties that were very popular in the 1980s and ’90s’ were seen to have come back highly. Particularly in the younger generation of females and girls following a Y2K look based on fashion from the 1990s and early millennium.

● Since 2017, the revival of scrunchies has persisted and expanded. The popularity of scrunchies is likely a result of 90s/Y2K nostalgia fueling the perception that wearing one makes people look cute and playful while incorporating it into contemporary fashion, involving athleisure wear and messy hairstyles.

● Regarding styling, scrunchies can make voluminous, messy buns and ponytails. This larger fabric overshadows the elastic hair tie and pulls more material through the loop, thus forming a much bigger statement than a sleek ponytail with ordinary bands. Scrunchies also help eliminate the dents or kinks typically created using thinner hair ties.

● For most young consumers who have not encountered a scrunchie firsthand, the accessory injects an attribute of fun retro nostalgia. Scrunchies can evoke nostalgia for millennials and Gen Xers of adolescence during the late ’80s or early ’90s. The return of scrunchies feeds into a more profound cultural trend towards vintage and 1990s nostalgia. It also adds a lively, innocent tone to modern casual styles of hairstyles.

Bold Fringe

● Over the past couple of years, fringes and bangs have become essential for hair trends as more dramatic styles have become popular. The fully directional style is total, thick fringes evoking those classic heavy bangs of the sixties and seventies. These blunt, flat bangs that disappear just above the eyes involve much maintenance and make a significant impact.

● In addition, micro bangs are also becoming popular this year. Many celebrities and fashion influencers have seen this short, thick fringe above the eyebrows. This is one for the brave at heart; micro-bangs are a look that creates high drama and demands attention straight to your eyes.

● Textured fringe with choppy layers and framing the face is a part of trends towards more wearable looks. This more subdued but still assertive fringe provides a flattering angle on the face while laying off such an extreme fashion statement.

● With whatever shape, bangs, and fringes – let it be known that whimsical, adventurous hair styling is here to stay. However expressive the looks may be, only those most directional throw caution to the wind in a rebellious and artistic manner. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, the accessory of this moment is an unmissable fringe that steals attention. A militant fringe shows confidence, glamour, and readiness to risk with an iconic vintage look. Thick slights are committal but hit deep style points.

Take Aways

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