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As it states on our special website page, “Thermo-hair cutting in Orlando, FL can be done on any hair type, curly or straight, and every hair type benefits greatly. Our customers are so satisfied with the Thermo haircuts that they never want to go back to unheated, cold sheers!”

1. Cutting the hair with hot shears smoothly and naturally seals the tip of the hair. This process will not only give you a beautiful cut, but it will control your split ends.

2. The hot blades cauterize the ends of the hair is so it is protected from environmental damage.

3. Many of you might have seen this type of cutting demonstrated on NBC by Russian hairstylist Arson Gurgov.

According to Allure magazine, “traditional scissors open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness. The heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage.”

4. At Bonne Vie Salon, we won’t burn you or your hair. The shears can be adjusted from about 270 degrees up to 310 degrees. As a rule, fine hair is cut with scissors set at a lower temperature, and coarse hair is cut at the higher end of the scale. Your trained stylist will know exactly what amount of heat to use because, at Bonne Vie, we realize every procedure must be individualized to the client.

5. As with any good cut, this is not a one-time treatment. You will want to maintain your trims, just as you would with cold-cutting.

6. Another fabulous feature of this futuristic styling tool is that your hair will have more apparent volume, bounce, and body! No more raggedy ends! The texture and health of your hair seem to come to life.

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