Hair Extensions Types

Hair Extensions Types

Pigtail pigtail extensions

Do you want to wear a beautiful ponytail? If with your mane alone you can’t get it, one of the best options will be to put on hair extensions.

Kim is a faithful follower of plentiful hair and pigtails.
You have external accessories such as natural hair extensions. You can solve problems such as low density, low volume, or baldness.

And also, don’t forget that natural hair extensions can be treated just like your own hair. This means that you can also dye them and give reflections or wicks without problems. Also, you can make the cut that you like to adapt them completely to your hair. Natural extensions are the best option to change your look instantly!

Extensions for short hair

Normally, extensions for short hair are intended to provide more volume to the mane. These extensions are not to give more length to the hair, so they are perfect for all those who have little or very thin hair.

Long hair extensions

Long hair extensions have two objectives: to provide volume or length to the mane. Although length is usually sought, there may be women looking for both. As we mentioned before, many only put extensions on long hair to give a different touch to their look at some event.

Curly hair extensions

Do you have curly hair and don’t know if you can wear extensions? Of course. There are extensions for curly hair that will be perfect for you. These extensions can also be of different types and usually pursue the objective of increasing the volume of the mane and, also, the length.

Have you cut your hair and you don’t like it?

Do you want to increase the volume of your hair in a completely natural way? If you are not satisfied with the length or volume of your hair extensions are a good solution for you.

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