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Hair extensions

hair extensions

Hair extensions – as one of the leading manufacturers for hair extensions, every hair is 100% natural. With 81 colors in varying lengths and textures, the options are endless, which keeps your hair fabulous! The So. Cap headquarters is located in Italy, where you will find a team of specialized research chemists and engineers. These highly qualified professionals are constantly working to improve the So. Cap extension line. Each high-quality extension is pre-bonded for easy application and long-lasting results. So. Cap uses cutting-edge technology and produces keratin-based extensions made of only real hair.

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Please give a round of applause to Emirr from Bonne Vie Salon that made the impossible posible on my hair. I had several box dye (red, dark brown and black) on my hair, had stopped dyeing it for the past 11 months but you can definitely see on the 1st picture that the red did not wanted to go away lol, anyway after almost 4 hours he transformed my hair and once again I’m blonde 😁. BTW he did such a great job that my hair feels healthy and doesn’t fell like he applied bleach at all. Once again Emirr thank you so much. I’m in love with my hair again🥰🥰🥰


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