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Bonnie Vie has gained so much positive attention, and we are ecstatic to be the best Orlando hair salon. As owner and lead stylist, I genuinely appreciate our loyal and trusting clients. We believe in everything we do, and are always working towards bettering your salon experience. Let’s go over some of the fantastic services we offer at Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando, Florida.


Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff brings together over twenty five years of experience. We thrive on offering high quality services that are inspired by our different backgrounds from around the world. Allow us to put our skills gained from studying and working in the worlds finest houses of hair and fashion, to help you discover the look you’ve been searching for.


As a progressive salon, we offer some of the best hair products found in Orlando, FL. Products like Davines line of salon-treatment straight from Italy, award winning Oribe,Ouidad and the revitalizing Moroccan Oil products will bring a new level of beauty to your hair. These uniquely effective products are available for purchase in our Winter Park salon, just minutes from Downtown Orlando.


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Orlando hair salons come and they go, Bonne Vie salon remains the best hair salon in Orlando, FL for years. our products to our stylists you will enjoy a pampering comparable to no other. Many of our stylists have over 20 years of experience in the hair industry and have lived, worked, and studied all around the world including countries such as Italy, France, Turkey, and Russia. Our stylists have worked in exclusive salons in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. At first glance you will find that Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando Florida is very high end and glamorous. We pride ourselves on getting to know each and every client on a personal level so we will be able to develop relationships and offer the correct services for their individual wants and needs. Something extremely unique about this salon is the fact that all of the hair masters maintain a passion and upgrade their education on a regular basis.

By taking new classes and staying on top of the upcoming trends and styles Bonne Vie Salon can guarantee that your hair will always be in tune with the latest styles. Have you ever gone to a salon for a period of time and received the best haircut, color and style for months on end? At our Orlando hair salons we believe in transforming our clients and allowing them to grow with us. This means incorporating new things into the hair such as adding a few highlights to increase the depth, changing the haircut and adding more movement while educating them about different methods to achieve their style. We find that by increasing our clients knowledge of hair and teaching them how to work with it, our clients leave our salon with more confidence for doing their hair at home and trying new things with their style.

Hair Salons Orlando

Let’s go over some of the fantastic services we offer at Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando, Florida. Moroccan Oil Treatments: One of the most important things about your hair is the health and condition of it. No one wants a dry and damaged look. To maintain the shine and beauty we offer luxurious Moroccan Oil Treatments. Our unique system is guaranteed to transform dull, weak tresses into a gorgeous mane in just 15 minutes! We begin with removing all of the buildup and excess oils from your scalp and rejuvenate the hair and follicles with an exquisite scalp massage followed by a steam treatment that opens the cuticles and allows the protein and moisture to fortify the hair, then we allow 10 minutes under our cutting edge steamer to penetrate into the follicle and allow the product to really sink in and eventually we seal it with a cool rinse. This treatment is essential to maintaining your style because without your hair having a clean smooth texture you will experience unwanted frizz and fly-aways.

Cuts and Styles

After you have experienced this deep penetrating treatment you can also enjoy a fabulous restyle hair cut or trim from our incredibly talented, Vidal Sassoon and Frederic Fekkai Certified Stylists. There are many different types of haircuts which include a trim, restyling, and a hot scissor haircut as well as an Ouidad-certified curly haircut. Unlike other hair salons in Orlando we believe in educating our clientele on which services will truly meet their needs. A restyling haircut is a very exciting appointment where we find a new style to compliment you and your lifestyle while a hair trim appointment is recommended after a restyle to maintain what we have already achieved or what style you currently have in place that you are pleased with. A hot scissor haircut is cutting edge technology generally performed as a secondary haircut where we use the hot scissors to bond the ends of your locks to seal your ends which will prevent splitting and give a fabulous finish to any shape! Last but not least, we at Bonne Vie Salon have all been Ouidad certified stylists, which means we have extensive knowledge of how to work and treat curly hair including the ability to retrain large frizzy hair into perfectly coiled curls and waves that are easily managed using the carving and slicing techniques created by Ouidad. This service sets us apart from your average Salon.

Hair Coloring and Color Correction

Need something more than conditioning treatments and haircuts? Our color services are unmatched in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our colorists use only the best Wella, Goldwell, Organic Color Systems, Schwarzkopf hair color and lighteners, as well as the latest techniques to achieve a plethora of looks from a classic blond or brunette to a fashionable red, Bonne Vie Salon produces unbelievable color! With the phenomenal color lines that we use 100% gray coverage is guaranteed! The benefits of having highlights, lowlights, and creative color placement can enhance your facial features, create illusions of volume and accentuate your fabulous haircut! We also specialize in color correction and offer a complementary consultation to any one in need. Color correction is categorized as an unwanted color, imperfect pattern, or re- lightening hair that has been colored too dark. We would be happy to discuss what your options are and move forward with creating the perfect shades of beauty for you.

More About Us

Orlando Hair Salons founder Emil Aghayev graduated from Vidal Sassoon Manhattan and decided to take his passion for the Beauty Industry to the next level by opening his first salon in Brooklyn, New York, Bonne Vie. Over the next two years the salon grew to be one of the most successful salons in the New York Fashion District and remains at the top of its game today. While vacationing in Orlando, Florida Emil stumbled upon the Winter Park Village and decided that this would be the perfect area to expand Bonne Vie with a second location on the prestigious Park Avenue. Bonne Vie outshines other Orlando hair salons, providing guidance, training, and leadership for other Orlando hair salons and stylists. For almost 10 years Bonne Vie Winter Park has serviced Orlando’s Elite forming a team of stylists who compose the most fashionable and desirable looks in town. We stay on top of our game and take on a leadership role for other Orlando hair salons by providing constant education to Orlando hair stylists with classes on creative color, precision cutting, and learning new trends.

When comparing Bonne Vie to other Orlando hair salons, you begin to understand why Boone Vie has acquired such a strong long term repeat customer base. Walking up to the salon you begin to get a feel for the elegance and luxury that Bonne Vie has to offer by the beautiful and serene surroundings that Winter Park has to offer and the serenity flows through the salon as well. Bonne Vie just simply cannot be compared with most Orlando hair salons. With gorgeous chandeliers, contemporary décor and a genuine staff to welcome our clientele, you will immediately feel at home and confident that you can entrust our stylists with your unique look. We at Bonne Vie believe that every person needs their own individualized look to complement their lifestyle and personality and that is why we offer a wide range of services from chemical texturizers, extraordinary color placement, precision cutting, and our hair restoration program.

Orlando Hair Salon ‘Bonne Vie Salon’ offers a variety of texture changing services such as Brazilian blow out, Keratin Treatments, Japanese Straightening, and waving systems. To begin with, the Brazilian blow out is one of the most highly desired looks of the summer. In Florida we experience and battle humidity on a daily basis and it makes it quite difficult for us to manage our hair and allow us to try the trending styles such as the beach waves or the sleek straight looks. With the Brazilian blow out you will no longer face an uphill battle against your mane. The formula enhances the health of your hair by infusing nutrients into each individual strand and flattening the cuticles which allows individuals with frizzy curls some relief as their hair will become more straightened without losing volume. This service differs from our Japanese Straightening because with the Brazilian blow out you can still achieve a polished wavy look whereas a Japanese Straightening will remove all curl from the hair. With a Ja panese Straightening the hair will remain effortlessly straight for the next six months.

One of the amazing things is the products we use, by Yuko, include only natural ingredients, processed in a pure and scientific formula: Silk, soy, wheat, meadow foam flowers, and palm oil. These ingredients are actually good for your hair which means that there will be no smell or any downside to receiving this service. Another service that is definitely under-appreciated is the waving system.

While most salons are concentrated on removing bulk and making hair smooth there is a large portion of woman who struggle with getting volume into their hair and keeping it! A body wave is a magical formula that allows stylists to swell the cuticle in the hair and change the composition so instead of flat lifeless hair they achieve the volume and wave they have always desired.

While our texturizers provide the pattern we enhance the frame of your hair with our precision cuts as well as thermo-cutting. All of our stylists are trained in the Vidal Sassoon precision cutting skills to ensure that the weight in the hair is properly balanced to compliment the clients face shape. This includes Japanese texturizing which entails deep point cutting to make sure there are no definitive lines in the hair and it maintains a beautiful flowing appearance.

One of the latest trends in haircutting is the hot scissor hair cut also known as thermo-cutting. We use heated shears that range from 230 to 340 degrees depending on the hair texture and condition. For example, someone with color enhanced hair would use a lower heat level in order to maintain the vibrancy of their locks whereas someone with thick natural hair would have a higher heat applied which will then seal the ends of their hair preventing split ends. Thermo-cutting is the latest technology to prevent s plit ends and promote healthy hair so styling your hair will be a much easier process and you can have the fresh style you get in the salon look every day!

Our colorists and color lines make Bonne Vie a trademark salon just as much as our texturizer’s cuts and styles do. Color enhances features in you that otherwise would go unnoticed. The illusions that color enhancement can create are undeniably the most sought out salon services in our industry and we make sure that our stylists are masters of their coloring skills such as enhancing natural pigmentation, color placement to portray density and highlighting to accentuate a fabulous haircut. Color is the icing on the cake that turns an otherwise drab hairstyle into a fabulous ensemble that has everyone guessing where you got that color! So if your considering color, complete color or just a touch up, Bonne Vie is your choice as the best Orlando hair salon in Orlando, Fl.

Bonne Vie is not only becoming the best Orlando hair salon but the leading hair salon in Central Florida for extensions and hair restoration for those involved with our Cancer Recovery program. Medically related hair loss is a very traumatic experience for anyone to have to experience, during this difficult time our certified and trained stylists can help you manage your appearance from when you begin to lose the hair all the way into restoring your hair to perfection. We have products that are cancer safe which means they are organic and will not harm you when your hair and scalp are at such a fragile tender stage. We are truly dedicated to making you comfortable in your own skin again. As the best Cancer hair salon in Orlando, FL, we provide assistance with the insurance billing procedure so you can relax and pick out a wig you love!

Overall, Orlando hair salon ‘Bonne Vie’ is dedicated to our clients and ensuring their overall happiness with their texture, cut, color, density and style of their hair. We are always excited to meet new clients and look forward to working with anyone who comes through our doors. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us here at Bonne Vie and we look forward to meeting and helping you reach your beauty destination!


Overall, Orlando hair salon ‘Bonne Vie’ is dedicated to our clients and ensuring their overall happiness with their texture, cut, color, density and style of their hair. We are always excited to meet new clients and look forward to working with anyone who comes through our doors.

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