Best Hair Salon in Orlando

Best Hair Salon in Orlando

The Best Hair salon in Orlando BONNE VIE, offering glamorous hairdressing services at affordable prices. Since its launch, the clientele of the Best Hair salon in Orlando has grown, transforming the original concept of eruption style into a very popular membership model. They offer you this service “look good, feel good” whenever you need it – all day, every day!
BONNE VIE: Experience is the key

Their team of highly skilled and talented stylists works with all hair types using the best tools in the industry. Beautiful eruptions are created, whether the texture of your hair is curly, fine, short or long. You will get a smooth style that guarantees perfection!

Extraordinary hair care

BONNE VIE, the Best Hairdresser in Orlando only wants the cherry for you! This salon uses the best brands, including Blowpro and Pureology hair care, HotHeads hair extensions, Beauty Addicts and Ecru Beauty professional makeup beauty and keratin repair and treatment complexes.

BONNE VIE helps you look your best! Call BONNE VIE, make an appointment online or come and see us for a free consultation on one of our services.

Signature style services with the best hair salon in Orlando

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Their chic and signature eruptions will make you a regular! Choose a style from their Lookbook and they will customize it for you.

Dry styles

No time to wash? No problem, no problem. Come in with dry hair, and their stylists will curl you, wavy you or give you a braid!


Whether you’re halfway or full, be ready to turn heads. Their stylists recommend washing the day before your appointment, or getting a double dose of primping with a combination eruption + updo!

BONNE VIE: Protein Repair Treatment

Revitalize dry, damaged or colored hair with treatment with VitalShot protein, keratin complex. Smoothes and repairs up to 5 weeks in just 15 minutes.
BONNE VIE has so much more to offer

Permanent hair extensions with HotHeads

The ribbon extensions are seamless, undetectable, 100% virgin hair, and last from 6 to 8 weeks. Visit your stylist at the Best Hair Salon in Orlando for a free consultation.

Express smoothing treatment with keratin complex
Give your rash a chance to last even longer by getting rid of the frizz that holds you back. This one-hour formaldehyde-free treatment is designed to tame frizz for up to 6 weeks, without permanently smoothing hair.

Smoothing treatment with keratin
Repair damaged hair, block moisture and reduce frizz for soft, silky, shiny hair for up to 5 months.

Full face make-up application
From foundation to lip gloss, their complete application is ideal for your next event, day or night

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