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Eyelash Extensions Specialist – Eva

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    Eyelash Extensions Specialist

    eyelash extensions, hair salon specialistName: Eva Ivolga
    Occupation: Licensed Hairstylist, Eyelash Extensions Specialist
    Experience:  I am very blessed to do what I love. Eyelash extensions is my ART, PASSION AND PHILOSOPHY.
    As a Hairstylist, licensed since 2009 in Europe and since 2013 in USA, I’ve always loved to change ladies’ lives transforming their look.

    Eyelash extensions is an incredible way to enhance your beauty!

    While I always maintained my clients’ eyelashes – dying it with lash tint and curling them, it was ultimately frustrating for me to see ladies with very short, transparent lashes, using strip lashes for special events, lasting for a few days.

    Now I create breathtaking lashes, which are staying for 3-4 weeks, always ready to go, looking so natural and full, make up free, the list is endless…. Learn more about eyelash extensions.


    Board Certified
    Department of Health Establishment License
    Biomedical Waste Permit
    Bloodbourne Pathogen course completed
    State licensed Florida College of Cosmetology
    Individual lashes extensions specialist
    Department of Health Tattoo License/Tattoo Artist
    Microblading Certified Brow Artist
    Complaint with all DOH requirements
    CEO of Ivolga academy
    LADY DI brand owner

    My profession is to create unique beauty, one lash at a time. It is 1.30 min session, and it will transform your life. Guaranteed!
    It’s complete perfection….. for the lashes you’ve always wanted!

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: September 21, 2018

Eyelash Extensions Specialist – Eva