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Microblading Orlando

    Microblading in Orlando & Winter Park

    Brows can do the magic in terms of uplifting your face appeal. So, there is no need to crib or sigh as our experts, at Bonnie Vie Salon, are here by your side to offer professional microblading services.

    What is mircoblading?

    Microbalding is done manually by the expert technicians who use tiny needles to deposit pigments below your skin to make your brows look just the way you want. It is a semi-permanent tattoo where your original brow size, color or texture doesn’t matter.

    Professional microblading is all you need for perfect eyebrows!

    If you are looking for natural looking brows in different shades, color or texture without going for arduous time-consuming sessions, then microblading is the answer for you! We, at Bonnie Vie, have on board some of the best make-up artists who are certified professionals with lots of experience and offer the best services in tune with your custom needs.

    All you will need to do explain our experts, the kind of brow-look you want and it will be done in an hour or so by the mircoblading artist. The process begins with outlining the brows, then creating the shape and the microblading procedure starts to pursue the job of perfecting the arches.

    The strokes done on the brows via the state-of-the-art equipment need a lot of control which comes with experience and our microblading technicians are capped with the same years of experience in their industry. Since it is done by experienced technicians, you will not feel excruciating pain, but very minimal pain when the process is carried out.

    Adding drama via the perfect arches, filling up space, elongating it a bit or just perfecting it to give the appearance of natural full brows is made easy by the expert make-up artists offering microblading services at Bonne Vie Salon.

    How long will the procedure last?

    If you are thinking about how long this microblading procedure will last, we can safely say that it lasts for around 1 to 3 years usually, and you need the touch-up sessions. You can discuss it with the make-up artist after the entire procedure gets completed. Learn more about microblading.

    Ready for beautiful and eyebrows you’ve been dreaming about?

    Call us or e-mail us now to book your time slot for the microblading treatment! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for any query or to book our microblading services!

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: March 1, 2019

Microblading Orlando