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Artificial Eyelashes

artificial eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes – women everywhere are wearing eyelash extensions, and looking more feminine and beautiful than ever. Natural-looking eyelash extensions are a specialty at Bonne Vie, a full-service salon in Winter Park FL, just minutes from downtown Orlando.

Read what our clients are saying about the salon’s services:

I had the privilege to get Olga, she is absolutely amazing, I just went to get a haircut, nevertheless she communicated my best options to match what I wanted to a style that went with my face favorably. Really educational in explaining every single action, specially on the subject of optical illusions used to shape our hair and face which I found simply fascinating! Thank you and I’ll see you shortly!

I went to this salon knowing what I wanted but not knowing exactly how to explain it. I’ve never gotten my hair colored before and I’m not great with the latest hair lingo but I did my best to explain what I really wanted and was looking for and Tural knew exactly what to do! He discussed everything with me and helped me make the correct decisions to achieve the look I wanted. He and the entire staff were absolutely amazing!! They were patient with my hair and did a flawless job! Tural truly brought what I was visioning in my head to life and made it even better!!! I was so happy I could almost cry! I’m so in love with the outcome! I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend this place!

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