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Bridal hairstyles

bridal hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles – capture picture-perfect memories in your wedding photography by having the wedding experts at Bonne Vie Salon. We are happy to assist with your bridal party’s wedding hairstyles and wedding makeup, so everyone looks cohesive and beautiful in your wedding pictures. Make a bridal appointment today with the best bridal salon in Orlando, FL. We will put those final touches on your hair and makeup so your wedding is picture perfect. View hair bridal hairstyles ideas

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Best hair salon ever!! Nicest people and very fun atmosphere. Everyone helps one another which is very nice and not always common among salons. Umit gave me blonde balayage and I am obsessed! 10/10

So, I will start with I’m a contractor and spent a year and a half in Afghanistan prior to coming into Bonnie Vie. I used a boxed hair dye out of desperation that left my hair a horrible reddish brown color and was naturally very uneven and streaked. The photo I came in with was a very almost platinum balayage. Initially the stylist assigned for my appointment very politely told me she didn’t think it would be achievable in one visit and I had very limited time. She consulted many of the stylists and they confirmed what she said. Umit ended up ultimately taking over the service and was very honest and upfront about what I could expect due to the fact that boxed dye is extremely difficult to remove. Needless to say, I got lucky and the box color came out very easily and I was able to walk out happy and blonde! The customer service by everyone (including many compliments from stylists and other customers) was EXCEPTIONAL. Because of this, the next time I’m taking vacation in the US, I will book a flight to Orlando just to visit this salon again! THANK YOU!

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