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Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions – Bonne Vie Salon offers the best Eyelash Extensions in Orlando, FL. Mink eyelashes are a luxurious, pure form of eyelash extensions, and are made of real animal fur. These beautiful extensions have been seen on celebrities such as Madonna and Beyoncé. Top celebrities choose Mink Eyelash Extensions because of their high quality.

The Mink eyelash extensions do not touch your skin, or harm your natural eyelashes. They are delicate and lightweight, which allows for our eyelash extension stylists to attached multiple extensions per lash. In only 90-120 minutes you will have the long, luxurious lashes you see on the rich and famous!

Bonne Vie also provides eyelash extensions by “The Lashe”. These eyelash extensions are synthetic, affordable, and look natural. Each lash is curved and dipped in a fume-free, medical-grade bonding agent. In addition, the extensions are attached to individual lashes and dry within three seconds, offering a quick, natural, and beautiful solution. “The Lashe” eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and are safe to shower, sleep and and swim with. Furthermore, our salon also replaces any lost lashes, so you never have to worry about going a day without them.

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