Winter Park Hair Salon: Your Go-To Destination for Style


Imagine you are not a colorful pencil at all. Instead, you are standing in a world where everything can be paintedand you have become yet another masterpiece. Welcome to the hair salon Winter Park, where hair stylists take up their scissors lightly and carefully and glide their brushes softly over your hair.

Importance of hair salon services

Your bald hair is not only strands but a further step in showing your inner personality and character. Indeed, that’s why selecting the right hair salon should be considered. You must understand that your hair is a canvas, and here, it holds everything to give life to your plans.

The best hair salon in Winter Park

Founder’s passion and commitment

They say founders of successful companies are the pillars holding everything together. Bonnie Vie’s story supports this phrase, where Emil Aghayev, the founder, very literally pours his heart and soul into her hair studio which is located in Winter Parkobviously being the most trustworthy one in the area. He has run through a variety of roadblocks on his way to pulling together the best possible team. With a commitment to the highest quality of products, Emil keeps his goals close to his chest and the love of his work close to his heart.

Building a trusted brand

The success of Bonnie Vie Hair Salon lies in its leadership, the visionary Emil, who made the salon into a well-known brand, which became a choice for its excellent assistance and unwavering devotion to satisfying its customers. His unstoppable endeavor of excellence level has now become a norm for the whole team without any exception. Therefore, every customer is treated in the most regal feeling and leaves with proof of being radiant and revived!

Assembling a remarkable team

Handpicked stylists

However, the most important element of Bonnie Vie Hair Salon is a group of carefully selected stylists, not only for their talent and blossoming creativity but also for their love of their art. Every hair stylist member contributes with their talents and feel of style, which forms an atmosphere of cooperation where one can give advice and come up with new tricks.

Continuous training and skill development

Discerning the taste of our stylists, who are constantly trained in up-to-date, cutting-edge techniques and fashion trends, can guarantee our extra edge. These young stylists do not solely focus on their work. They regularly attend industry workshops and seminars and tap into the emerging trending lifestyles of the hair fashion world. Through continuous enrollment in training, our clients are provided with the latest trendy products and, of course, personalized approaches that address their specific requirements.

Unwavering dedication to quality

Uncompromising standards

Quality is always maintained here at Bonnie Vie Hair Salon since the salon’s goal is to ensure the customers get the best results possible. Our high-quality goods and processes, which dot the details, reflect our complete focus on the genuine care of our clients’ skin and hair. It is not our compromise in quality style but uncompromising standards that make us different. As a result, our clients leave our salon looking confident and beautiful with overall satisfaction.

Exceptional client experience

Our salon is designedand it is more than a hair color or cut service; it is an exciting experience. It is precisely for this reason that we try our level best to cultivate an ambiance that is inviting, along with making it a luxury milieu where the demanding clientele can detox from routine by simply enjoying the finest moments of their lives. The instant you arrive at our premises, you’ll get welcomed into the world where top-notch service and utmost individual attention reign.

Services Offered

Haircuts and styling

Trendy cuts

●At Bonnie Vie Hair Salon, we are known as trendsetters in the world of hair fashion. Our highly skilled barbers have a flair for both classic and groundbreaking trends, offering a complete experience from head to toe.

●Regardless of the kind of bob, pixie cut, or lob whisper to your heart, our hairstylists’ are trend masters and innovators. All of these consultations will foster a relationship with them and enable them to understand your characteristics and lifestyle so as to generate personalized and flattering haircuts. While designing, the style could be extravagant and eye-catching or, on the other hand, subtle and reserved — the outcome will be the look that only you can own.

●However, in addition to it, our bouquet of services is not limited to that. As an essence of creativity, we additionally excel in the latest coloring methods, noticing the right balance between warm shades and tones, which are laid on perfectly to create just the Instagram-editable looks. Swing between the most buzzing balayage and ombre styles, or opt for merely brighter highlights that intensify the body and volume of your hair.

Classic styles

●We feed on creationbut we also have a soft spot for classic designs’ evergreenery. Whether it is timeless elegance that strikes your fancy, our stylists are pros at classic expressions that never fade.

●Get ready to make an impact regardless of your hair type. Bold bobs or textured layers will satisfy your need for an elegant and confident look. The way you want your hair to be, either defined structures or soft waving, that’s just one of the things our artists do. Their mastery translates to achieving your desired style with an artistic skill.

●Besides, we can take care of trendy types with complex updos or brides who need perfectly executed styling. With our contemporary braids or chic chignons, we can wow you with a mesmerizing look that will make you think you are actually a VIP on a red carpet.

●Whether it is a trendy or classic look, bold or subtle style, we will direct a team of experienced stylists who will get to know your specific needs and wishes. Therefore, a personalized experience will be guaranteed, which will make your departure from the salon feel fantastic, confident, and joyful.

Color services hair color services in winter park hair


●At Bonnie Vie Hair Salon, we have master colorists—real artists—who apply hair as their canvas to develop the most complex and bright multi-tonal volumetric portraits with contours and light reflections—just for you.

●Getting your color done properly matters. Highlights from our stylists will not only make your hair dimensional but also add depth to your look, framing your face. It doesn’t matter if you love light curled-in hair that resembles youthful radiance or colorful and striking hues that will make you stand out; this balcony works to give your hair the look you want.

●However, our ability to do more than simple foil highlighting distinguishes us as experts. Besides, our expertise covers the art of balayage, a technique that applies paints free-hand to create a much-desired natural yet sun-drenched look.


●We provide a real sun-kissed look, which you can make your own with our balayage services without seams or lines. Our colorists are experts in hand-painting art. They carefully use color to texture natural-looking color that brings depth and dimension to your locks.

●We take into consideration even small and subtle hairlines accentuating your face and design them according to your likes and interests. The result is a willingness for a “no-hassle,” effortlessly chic look that gives you the impression you walked right from the beach to your living room, even during the dead of the winter.


Recap of key points

At Bonnie Vie Hair Salon, we are more than just a fancy place to get your hair done. We are the sanctuary where your style is elevated and sparks your confidence. We take great pride in the fact that our salon is home to some of the most talented stylists in the industry, and our luxurious services and inviting atmosphere are geared to offer you the highest level of excellence possible.

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